The Rainbow Petals

January 12, 2008
By Katie Filipowski, Colfax, CA

I once was taking a walk through the woods. The trees were skeletal, with their long arms reaching down at me grasping on to my sweater, as if they were telling me to go no further. I trudged through the fingers of the branches, but then I fell down a hill. I made an attempt to stop myself and grasped but to my dismay I only grabbed frail weeds that slipped through my fingers. I tumbled time and time again, unable to see anything but a blur, until everything went black.
I opened my eyes, and rubbed them in disbelief. I rose to my feet and looked at the ribbon rode that lay at my feet. This world was far different from ours. It had no ground, just clouds of comfort that pillowed every desire. I walked over to a flower that had petals of every color of the rainbow embedded on it. The stem had no thorns, just spirals of color branching up it. I picked it and stuck it in my jacket pocket. I then walked a little farther and saw the trees were no longer evil beings but more like cauliflower with its decadence, and softness. Then a little fox creature came to my feet, and looked at me. It was the cutest creature I have ever seen. Its eyes glistened in the light, and it was as fluffy as the clouds beside the ribbon.
I inquired, “What do you need?”
The fox leaped away and looked back at me and began to wallow away. It seemed as though it wished for me to follow it. So I did.
The fox stood out of my reach, but close enough so I could see it. As it lead me I looked around there seemed to be a bog. It was very misty, but not murky like in most bogs. The frogs did not croak they sang melodies almost like an opera. There were not pests to buzz in my ear, just the soothing sound of the frogs melody. I began to get sleepy with the haze of the bog, and the sweet melody; so I sat next to a tree that felt warm with welcome and comfort.
I awoke and realized it was only a dream, and that I was back on the dismal hill with its skeletal trees. The wind had begun to whistle and laugh at me, as I felt the gash on my head. I looked at the blood on my fingers and sighed. I reached into my jacket pocket to retrieve a handkerchief to clean up the blood, when I pulled out the rainbow rose.

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