January 11, 2008
By Adam Green, Garland, TX

It was a starry night, and there was a meteor shower. Everyone looked outside, to watch it, the streaking white lines that followed the bright yellow and orange balls of ice. Then, there was impact; a small meteorite had hit on the hill of the town. There was no panic, it was small, probably destroyed on impact, but some curious people went to check it out. No one paid any attention to them, they’d be back soon enough. But, when they hadn’t been heard of in 3 days, they sent out a small search party, where they found the humans remain of 3 people. The smell of burnt flesh was fresh; the bones still had scorch marks. Someone, or something, had been here and done something. But the strangest thing of all, there was no impact mark from whatever had hit the hill. It was now gone.

About a week later, 10 more people went missing, with their remains being found later. Now, there was panic. Everyone was frightened, every week, more and more people went missing. But, one night, some guys went out to look for one of their friends who had gone missing. They spotted some sort of creature, with dark green skin, 4 eyes, 2 arms, and 2 tentacles, and 1 massive split tail. Yet, as soon as they saw it, they were gone, a flash of red light, then there was nothing. The mystery had been solved, but no one would know the answer.

It had been a year since the first encounter for someone to survive. Though now, there full army assaults. It was obvious after a diplomat had been sent back to the U.N embassy in frozen titanium, that they weren’t going to play peacefully. The first battle ended horribly, the aliens had been using soldiers armed with some sort of armor that looked like slimy plastic-like ooze over them. Their weapon was this rifle fitted onto the wrist that shot a volatile green laser through anything it hit. While there was one weakness they had, no one has exploited it.

This battle was fought near the shore on the Yucatan Peninsula, the aliens were exiting their command saucers, that could fly or float, but half way through their invasion, a massive nuclear explosion happened right in the middle of the invasion force. While the army scrambled to get back together, explosions surrounded them from the battleships in the nearby ocean while mechanized infantry moved to assault them head on.

The aliens had never dealt with bullets, or bombshells or whatever humans had. Obviously, if they had conquered anyone else before, they didn’t have the same technology we had. Month after month, the aliens were pushed back, until the humans nearly killed themselves in the race. It was near the end of the war, near the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, a nuclear warhead, the size of a passenger airliner, detonated and triggered a chain reaction in the volcano’s under crust. This created a giant island from where the volcano erupted, and now, in the rocks, you can still see the remains of the battle that destroyed all that was there…

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