Secrets and Friends

January 11, 2008
By Donna D'Orazio, Fulton, NY

One time there was a girl named Jessica who had the most amazing best friend, Angela, and boyfriend, Jason. Her life was perfect... or so it seemed. Well anyway them 3 did everything together. They were really close friends, almost nothing could tear them apart. They told each other everything, well that's what Jessica thought. What Jessica didn't know was a pretty big secret that Angela and Jason had been keeping from her because they were afraid of what she might say or do. Well here is the story to tell you what the secret was, why they were afraid to tell Jessica, and what happened after Jessica found out about the secret.

Well it was a very sunny day, and Jessica was on her way over to Angela's house to pick her up so they could go shopping. They were going to have a girls night out without Jason, which wasn't normal because normally they brought Jason with them but wondered away from him in the mall, because as I said earlier they did everything together. Angela's house was big and blue. It was the prettiest house around. When Jessica pulled up to the house Angela was already waiting outside, which wasn't normal because normally she took forever to get ready. Jessica didn't ask why she was ready so early because she was afraid Angela would say that she forgot something and then go back inside and take forever. While they were shopping they bought lots of shirts, pants, and even dresses. Who knew what they would do with clothes. They would always wear something different and creative, and sometimes mismatched, but always cute! When they were done shopping they went to Jessica's house and when they pulled in, Jason was waiting for them at the front door. Angela and Jessica looked at each other in confusion because neither of them knew why Jason was there. When they got out of the car Jason started to question them about why they hadn't called to tell him when they would be home from shopping at the mall. The girls ignore him and walk past him into the house. Then Jason follows them into the house and starts a fight with Jessica, that Angela tries to break up but she doesn't succeed. She gets thrown on the floor as Jason goes after Jessica again. He tells her that she is worthless and that he hates her, and never wants to see her again. Then he storms out of the house and leaves Angela on the floor and Jessica sitting next to her crying. The next day Jason called Jessica and told her that they needed to talk. When he showed up at Jessica's house he had Angela with him. He said that they all needed to talk. So they all went inside and sat down as Jason started to talk. He said that he was sorry for what he had done yesterday, and for what he was about to say. Then Angela said that she was sorry for what they were about to say, but she had no idea why he did what he did yesterday. Then they said it. They had confessed to her how they had made out before their girls night out. That's why Angela was ready so early, because she just wanted to get out of the house and get her mind off of what she had done. Jessica couldn't believe it. She started to cry as she asked if it was really true. When they answered yes Jessica cried even harder. They kept apologizing for what they did. Jessica looked at Angela, then Jason, then back at Angela. She asked how they could do that to her and then not tell her about it, as she screamed at Jason to get out of her house because they were through. She wanted Angela to stay because she wanted to talk to her to find out what all happened because she trusted Angela more than Jason to tell her the truth. All Angela said was that it all happened to fast and she didn't remember how or why it all happened. All she remembered was that it happened and she was still wishing that it didn't. Jessica said that it was ok and she understood that it wasn't all her fault. She said that boyfriends come and go but friends are for life!

Well that was the story and now you see why the secret was so hard to tell Jessica. You also see... or should see, that real friends don't care what you do as long as your safe, and will always want to be your friends with you but if you do something wrong just tell them, they should understand. Don't hide it because the longer you hide it the bigger the secret becomes and the harder it gets to tell. No matter what you do they should understand, even if their boyfriend is a cheating jerk!

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