While You Were Sleeping

January 11, 2008
By Wren Judish, Littleton, CO

While you were sleeping, the midnight black crickets croaked in the wet dewy grass looking for shelter as the thunder broke through the starry sky and pierced the dull street with a flash of beautiful illumination. While you were sleeping the stray dog rummaged through the dumpster next to the passed out hobo, shivering in the cold wetness dreaming of better days and what is to come of his horrible existence. While you were sleeping, cars zoomed down the freeway with unknown people hiding behind the windshield wipers hoping to get to a place unknown safely. While you were sleeping, a father just finished a strenuous day of work and wanted to make it home to tuck his two small children in who barely know who he is because he's at work so much. While you were sleeping, the club continued their music not caring about the family trying to sleep across the street as the loving dad yelled to turn it down so his struggling teenager can be rested for school before dawn the next morning. There are countless things that happen while one is sleeping. As we dream our dreams, we can’t fathom what is going on around the world much less imagine what is going on in our neighborhood. The night cloaks the others lives that we are blissfully unaware of as we rest comfortably under our comforters and sheets dreaming of the wonderful days to come. Just imagine what happens while you’re sleeping and how wonderful it will feel to be rested, see the sun shining through the trees, and hear the birds chirping, as the hours of darkness fade into the coming dawn.

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