The Letter

January 11, 2008
By Rebecca Pierce, Palatine, IL

My Dearest Eric,

I have been gone but a week from Nebraska and it feels like eternity. New York seems a complete stranger to me. Once upon a time I enjoyed the plays, art exhibits, and fine culture, now I just find everything here monotonous and boring. Every day of life in the city is filled with strict schedules, cold and unfriendly proper etiquette, extravagant clothes not intended for comfort, and so many giant skyscrapers surrounding me that I feel as if I am behind bars, trapped in a world of frills and fake smiles. I wish so much to go back to small-town life in Nebraska. I wish so much to stand in a field surrounded by sweet smelling flowers with the sound of birds chirping and singing to one another filling my ears. I wish so much to see the warm, familiar faces of friends I made there and the pitch black, starry night skies that people only dream about. Most of all, I wish so much to see you. Although I want to say so many things to you right now, I must say one thing before I burst with the weight of it all. I miss you so much and that time we spent together was the best I have ever had. No one has ever treated or cared for me the way you did. That day when my pony went wild and tried to break free to join the others you fought so hard to stop any harm from coming to me. You could have put the value of your own life before mine but you did not. You put yourself in danger to save my life and I can not say how much I admire and love you for that. That’s right, love you. However odd it may sound, you did not misread what I wrote. I love you Eric. I think I have ever since the day I played the organ for you and you revealed the secret of your crippled brother. The way I saw that music caused you to react made me fall for you then and there. The incident with the horse and the speech of your devotion to me that followed the horrific accident only increased my love for you. All the time I spent in Nebraska I tried to stay away from you, too afraid of getting attached because I knew a relationship between us could never work. We are just from two different worlds. That is the reason I never confessed my feelings to you. I was afraid that if I showed any reaction to your professed love for me or expressed my true desire for you that I would mess both of our lives up. I did not want to do that to either of us. I was never going to let down my guard and show you how I truly felt, but that night at the dance changed everything. The way you spun me around the dance floor and held my body tight to yours made me dizzy with desire for you. And what happened when we were up on the windmill was the ruin of my whole charade. When our eyes met and our bodies were so close together on the ladder, I could not resist the temptation to kiss you. A moment after the kiss happened I felt foolish for letting my emotions get the better of me. I wished I could take it back for I knew I had a fiancée I loved waiting for me at home. However, now I do not regret that kiss or the way I felt that night. For it was the kiss and the words you spoke, “I love you more than Christ who died for me,” that kept replaying in my mind and meant more to me than all the facts, big words, and fancy things that made me fall for my fiancée. I did love my fiancée, but my love for you does not even compare to the little love I had for him. The image of us kissing and those words you spoke to me made me realize that I love you and can not live without you. I do not care if all the forces of the world are set on keeping us apart, we will be together. We will figure all this out and be together very soon.

All My Love,


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