Roger Runaway Rabbit

January 11, 2008
By Marion Canestrier, Las Vegas, NV

Roger is your average household rabbit. He lives in a tiny cage on the desk in little Carrie’s purple room. He ate a carrot at lunch and lettuce at dinner and slept the rest of the time. Roger was extremely tired of this though. He was tired of not being able to move in his cage. He was tired of the bright purple walls he had to stare at every single day. Most of all he was tired of the same meal EVERY single day.
With so much time on his hands, Roger had plenty of time to establish the perfect plan to escape! After a couple days he had thought of the best plan ever. Now he just needed to find the perfect opportunity to do it. Roger waited and waited and waited and finally it was Friday, or as he liked to call it cage cleaning day. Carrie always let him out in the garden for 30 minutes on these days when she cleaned his cage. Most of the time Roger was very cautious and didn’t wander far because he was very aware of the big growling dog right next door ,but today was different.
Roger went on the side walk and stared at the huge street in front of him. The street had no cars on it and looked pretty safe so Roger walked onto it. Well this isn’t to bad he thought to himself as he made his way across the street. All of a sudden a car cam rushing through. Roger jumped up from surprise and ducked thinking he was going to die. But luckily he was quite small and the car had merely rolled over him without touching him.
After that Roger decided that he should stick to staying on the sidewalk. So he went on his way walking and walking and walking…….. Before he knew it ,it was dark out. So he decided to go in a bush and fall asleep. Not at all as comfy as usual but what other choice did he have?
He woke up the next morning with tons of leaves tangled in his fur. He was also dying of hunger. So he finally decided to go back home. But wait…. Which direction was home? Nothing looked familiar where he was at. He started panicking and decided that any random house was better than none at all. So he went to the door of house 3234 and started creeping into the backyard. There to much of his surprise was a humongous dog. The last thing he remembered was a dog running toward him.
Roger woke up with a massive headache. He was in a cage though not outside. The cage wasn’t his thought. That was for a fact. Then he heard a knock on the door of the strange house he was in and heard a familiar voice. Carrie’s. She ran over to him.
“What happened” she shouted “We’ve been looking for him forever”
“We found him in the backyard with our dog trying to kill him, but hes safe now” said a voice Roger did not recognize.
Then Carrie picked him up and brought him back home. Then she put him in the tiny little cage on the desk in her purple room and started feeding him a carrot. But Roger did not mind. Actually he liked it and from that day on always did.

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