March 15, 2012
By Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
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The crisp air slaps my cheek as I walk through the dark, snowy landscape of my school. Tears sting my eyes. I try to wipe them away, ashamed of myself. Ashamed of who I was and am. Its only been a day since the accident yet I still felt the fresh pain of death happening before my eyes. The sounds of bones crunching, screaming, and finally... silence. I never knew who they were or what lives they lead, I didn't know these people, yet I wept for them day and night as if I had. I feel a heavy object smack me in the head and fall down. The lst thing I saw before I blacked out was a bright pair of headlights. I wake to the smell of salt and rust filled my nose. I slowly put my hand to my head. Blood. I turn my head to see the object that hit me. grimcing at the pain it caused me. It was a beer bottle. I burry my head into the snow scream in anguish. I couldn't feel my legs. I couldn't feel anything other than pain and anguish. I slowly get up only to fall. I could not continue so I musterd enough streagnth to get onto the road. I laid there just staring at the stars. It was the last thing I saw.

The author's comments:
This is about a person who has dicited to do something terrible. They drunk drived and killed all the people in the car. That person was tormented so much at school that that person dictied to kill themself

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