The secret girl

March 15, 2012
By Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
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She is the pretty one, the funny one, the skinny one, , the smart one with a cool mom, and independent. She gets all the hot guys and everything else she has and will ever want... and every girl hates her because of it. No one really knows who this girl is. But that doesn't matter to them. All that matters is that this girl is who everyone wants to be. No one gives her a Chance.
Everyone thinks they know her when really they have no idea. She's pretty because she got so bullied in school for not being pretty that she does anything to be pretty. She's funny because she is afraid of coming off as boring. She's the skinny one because she throws up in the bathroom when no one is there. She's independent because her mom works three jobs and doesn't ever have time for her. She's smart because she studies her ass off so she wont end up like her mom. This girl is not who she seems. This girl, is the secret girl.

The author's comments:
this is called The secret girl because every girl has a life out side their friends and their family that they are not proud of but they live in secret

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