Phoenix and Rogue

January 10, 2008
By Devin Peart, Las Vegas, NV

There was once a quite peaceful world called “Rubik“, but in the year 2040 there came a horrible creature called Muerte. He came to the planet and brought it evil and everyone started to become mad evil creature’s, but there was one soul still pure of evil and before the evil could over taken the young child they sent it away to Raw a secret planet. They sent the boy with a note saying on it “Last Hope for planet Rubik”. When the boy arrived at Raw it meant their galaxy is in great danger. They had to train the boy so he could save his home planet and the galaxy from the great evil Muerte.

15 years later, the boy is a man now and people call him Phoenix; he has the strength of an ox, the speed of a cheetah and is master of the sword. He is ready to battle the evil creature’s, but in the last 15 years the evil has grown stronger and has the most powerful army imagined. The boy is not leaving alone he has trained with one man called Rogue a gifted man that can fight with the sword and they will be sent to planet Force a planet with gifted people that can help Phoenix and Rogue on there journey.

The arrive in planet Force and they have to fight the master of the world to get peoples respect to join them to there dangerous journey. They battle the master, but the problem is that they have to do it blind folded. They try to focus to the master, but the master is so fast and quick they can’t hear or hit him. Then they knew that their weakness is wind so Phoenix and Rogue moved the swords to create a tornado that stopped the master and they won. They talked about if some of the masters students can join Phoenix and Rogue in there journey to save the galaxy and the master agreed to give 200 of his best student’s. Phoenix and Rogue were ready to go to planet Rubik in the fight against evil.

When they arrived at Rubik they were stopped by a glowing light that sucked them into a light speed tunnel. When it ended they landed on a planet. When they got off their ship they were greeted by 2 men that looked a little like them. The men said they are with them against the fight and handed them 2 swords that glowed. The men said goodbye and they boys woke up about to arrive in planet Rubik with the glowing swords in their hands.

When they landed they got ready for a army of evil, but there was no army. They walked for twenty minutes and they reached a castle with an army of evil. Phoenix and Rogue and there 200 men were ready to fight. The evil started to run towards them and the battle began. Phoenix and Rogue swords gave them ultimate strength and speed then they wiped out the whole army with all 200 men left. Phoenix and Rogue entered the castle.

They were greeted fast by Muerte and his sword that was made of all of his opponents swords. Muerte rushed in at the men, but they dodged his sword, and countered attacked, but Muerte didn’t even have a scratch. Then Muerte hit the men and knocked both of them down. Muerte was faster and stronger than the boys, but then the boys remembered how they beat the master of Force and they swung there swords to make the ultimate tornado strike and stopped Muerte. They rushed in and destroyed Muerte forever. All the evil souls became pure again and everyone was once again happy.

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