A Day at the Beach

January 10, 2008
By ayla simmons, Orem, UT

It was a cold and windy day, when I began to walk down the familiar dirt path to my secret hiding place, where I like to go and think. While walking, I could hear the trees rustling in the breeze.
When I arrived to my favorite spot, I sat on a log bench watching the lake, and began thinking about my life and where I wanted to be. I thought to myself “Why does everybody make life so difficult?” Before I knew it, I had been there for about half an hour.
While lost in my thoughts, I was interrupted by the sound of a dog barking in the distance. I looked around, but could not see a dog in site. I remembered that I had put my favorite book in my coat pocket, so I pulled it out. I opened it up and started to read. I heard the dog bark once again. I looked around, and saw a spotted dog running towards me. In the distance I could see what seemed to be the shadow of a man. I yelled “Sir, is this your dog?” He didn’t answer me.
While I was sitting on the bench reading, the dog jumped on my lap and licked my face. The man yelled, “Scruffy come here!” The man came closer, and I asked his name. He said “Jeremy. What’s yours?” I replied, “Ayla.” He asked me why I was there by myself. I said I wanted to think about things. He asked me what I happened to be reading. I said “Looney trip.” He asked what it was about.
I said, it’s an autobiography about these two best friends named April and Cassi, going on a road trip across the country, before they go their separate ways to college. April got accepted to Julliard, to continue her way to be a famous pianist, and Cassi got accepted to the Ever Green state college, to study earth science.
Jeremy replied, “It sounds interesting.” “It’s a really funny story so far.” He said, “So tell me one of there funny misadventures.” So I began to tell him.
“They were driving through Iowa in the middle of nowhere, when they hit something on the side of the road. They stopped to find out what it was, and poked it with a stick. They happened to see that they ran over a porky pine. When they went to go get back in their car, they realized they had a flat tire. Knowing neither one of them had any clue how to change a tire they started to panic. They looked around for help but only saw three jersey cows in a cornfield, in the middle of nowhere. A few hours later a farmer came to their rescue and helped them on their way.
Jeremy said, “It sounds very funny, please read me some more.” We sat on the bench while the sun had set in the distance and listened to the story while I read.

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