Dark cave

March 14, 2012
By Suvroc101 BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
Suvroc101 BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
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As the kids entered the cave of Despair, Jimmy tried to convince them to leave. But they wouldn’t listen to him. Once they reached the 200 foot mark made by the last group, a bunch of rocks fell to the floor, blocking their exit! They all ran back to the wall, trying to pull the rocks away but they wouldn’t budge. All of them ran deeper into the cave, too loud to hear the growling of a hungry animal.

Once they ran for a couple minutes, all stopped to discuss where to go. A light shone revealing five mini-caves which they could go to. Since there was a cave per child, everyone went their own way. Pat took the cave on the far left. He fell into a hole in the ground that was smooth on the edges for no escape. Nobody could hear him scream. Nobody could hear each other. Steve took the next cave over. He ran into the hungry jackal that tore him to pieces.

Ron took the cave on the far right. He fell down a slope that he could not climb back up. Matt took the second to last cave on the right. It was easy going for a while, but then he passed out from dehydration and starvation. Jimmy took the center cave. Everyone said it was the wrong cave because nothing good comes out of the middle.

Jimmy took the cave with an exit to get out of the dark cave. He sent police in to find the boys but they were never found. Nobody else survived that cave. Certain caves can only be tricked once before they fix themselves. One thing though, only normal caves don’t change.

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