Penny by Penny

March 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I rolled to the side of Mr. Jim’s wallet as he pulled it out of his pocket. He zipped the

change pouch open and I could see where we were. We were iWalmartrt in Roscoe,


“Here,” Mr. Jim said gruffly. He dropped me and two other dollars into a store clerk’s

hand. I quickly looked up at the clerk’s name tag. Is said Kelley.

She seemed happy as a clam and carelessly dropped me into the penny bin. Clink!

I hit all the other pennies and they let out shouts of protest. Many days passed by. Every

time the cash register opened, I hoped it was my day to be picked and go to a new person,

and onto a new adventure. My head was pounding after a night in the cash register. All

they did was talk and talk and talk. The pennies, the nickels, the dimes, and the quarters.

The money bills rarely ever talked. I sighed as yet another day passed. I just wanted to be

useful, I thought to myself.

But suddenly my day got much brighter. The coins got excited as Kelley opened the cash

register and said, “Your change is $0.76.” She reached in and grabbed three quarters and

me, a penny!

“Here’s your change,” Kelley said to Mrs. Potter.

“Thank you dear, Mrs. Potter said, her round face red as she looked for her son,


“Timmy! Where are you?” Mrs. Potter looked all around.

“Right her,” a little blonde boy popped up behind her. “Mommy, I’m a monkey!”

“Yes, dear. We need to get home. Oh here’s some change,” She said, dropping me and the three quarters into Timmy’s hand.

“Yay!” He shouted! He ran up to a strange, clear machine and slid us into the slot. We

all spun around and round until we dropped into the bottom onto of other money. I read

the sign above it. It said, “Penny by Penny, We Will Help Feed Homeless Children,

Donate Today.” Then and there I was very happy with Timmy’s decision and that I was

finally useful.

The author's comments:
I had to write this for English so I decided to upload it here too. :)

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