Falling In

January 10, 2008
By tessa crowther, Barrington, IL

She walks along the gravel pathway in Central Park, looking for directions. The land, the people, the atmosphere; she is immune to it all. Everyone she has asked has either blown her off, or is too drunk to consider her (What is wrong with these people? Don't they have even the slightest bit of decency? Isn’t it about time to give up? No.) She decides to ask one more person to see if at least one, in an entire city, isn't too focused on their own small world enough to help another in need.

She walks with her feet forward and head down. The wind bites your nose and shuts your eyes if you look straight into it (The weather here is as cold as the people in this town). Fall is her least favorite season. Every breakup, every job transfer, it all happens in this routine season. She kicks the leaves irritably as she walks along, as if to let them know how she feels (I hate you for ruining my life you stupid leaves, as if you could really hear me). It seems as though everyone in the park has left. No one is there anymore to simply ask how to get from point A to point B, although she doesn’t really know where point B is.

At this point, it’s time to turn around. Or at least, it's time to think that. Ever had that feeling that you want to do something, but your will power simply dies down and listens to your gut?

She walks along the lonely path as if she will miss something if she turns around now. She is looking for something...but doesn't really know what to do if she were to find it. I guess things changed when she found it.

"Excuse me," she managed to say. (Collect your thoughts. Don't tell him what’s really on your mind. "You have the most beautiful eyes and I bet if we were to sit down to get to know each other, we could find out that we are perfect for each other." Stop it. You are making yourself look stupid.) "If you could possibly spare me one minute of your time, would you mind helping me find my way around this town? I seem to have gotten myself more and more lost just looking for help."

He reads her eyes. He can see what she has been through. He has been there before. He too, was once a lost individual in a world filled with insensitive souls.

"I can spare the rest of my day to show you around if you'd like." (By the looks of it, I'd spare the rest of my life for someone like you.” Don't get ahead of yourself. She is only looking for directions.)

They turned around and started walking; her head was up this time. As she walked along, she made sure to let the leaves fall gently around her without making a fuss. He accompanied her. She let him.

(It feels good to walk with someone other than my worst enemy; other than myself.)
If only they knew what the other one was thinking...

"Fall is my favorite season." He wondered if that could start small talk. Her mind seemed distant.

"Mine too." She didn't want to base this spark off of a lie, but it wasn't a lie. Not anymore at least. (I love his eyes. I think we could be perfect for each other. Fall is my favorite season.)

They walked through the park in silence. Fall really is her favorite season...

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