Spoiled Brat

January 10, 2008
By Kammi Young, Hinckely, UT

Have you ever wanted something so bad but your parents refused to give it to you that are how I was. I am turning sixteen tomorrow. I keep bugging him because all I ever wanted was a Toyota truck for my birthday. So I said why I cant I get a truck how come I cant have one so my mom says girls are supported to have cars just like your sister I don't want to be like her I want to be different we aren't twins you know. I said please mom & dad can I have a truck I have my drivers license so why cant I dad can teach me. How home I cant have one tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday and that's all I ever want!! Just because you can’t drive a truck doesn't mean I cant I used to drive for dad in the hay field that's different honey then if I get an automatic then I could drive it. Then why does Kacey have a truck and I can’t because he's a boy so what's the matter with girls huh? Nothing but boys had more experience so if I had a lot of practice I could be better and drives a truck I can learn fast. Finally she gave up and went to her room and went to sleep. At 7:30 in the morning I could hear someone tapping me wake up sleepy head happy birthday Kandie she jumped out of bed today's my birthday yeah as she ran down stairs she smelled something so good as she ran down on the table was some golden brown pancakes lying there on a plate while the butter dripping off the pancakes on to the plate. After she was done eating she went back up stairs and got dressed she as she said by mom bye dad as she walked out the door there was a big present sitting in the middle of the drive way it said happy birthday!!! On it was wrapped in purple wrapping paper. Then she said could this possible be it's be huge a bus no bus are much bigger what could it possible be so she looked around and see if her parent were around she stared un wrapping it then screamed so loud everyone in the neighbor hood could hear her she ran inside and said is that mine truck her dad looked at her and threw her the keys do you what to go for a test drive as she ran out of the house she said thank you so much they told her not to wreck then she said I will try not to just kidding have fun .

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