Under the Rug

January 10, 2008
By natalie anderson, Stanton, MI

Tick, tock, tick, tock, Ernie watches the clock, waiting for it to strike noon. At noon Ernie gets to leave for lunch and he's famished.
Ernie Checker is a normal thirty-five year old male. he is a balding lawyer with a serious problem...hair-loss isn't it. Something or someone is in his house and under the rug. At first Ernie suspected rats, but why would a rat go under the rug instead of over it. He was positive that this
thing was no ordinary pest. it was big, fast and a complete mystery.

Poor Mr. Checker, he hasn't the slightest clue what to do. He's never encountered a problem like this and he can't call pest control they'll think he's an absolute nut, or maybe he is.
After taking some yoga classes, enduring extensive counseling and relaxing his mind, Ernie notices that the 'pest' is gone. "Maybe it was all just in my head!" he thought to himself. He calms down and goes about what he thinks is a normal life(if you ask me, singing to plants isn't normal). Two weeks passed and it happened again!

Ernie was sure the lump was fake but as he sat down with a big bowl of popcorn and as two liter of Mountain Dew to watch 'The Reaping' the lump moved past his feet. His thoughts were racing as he struggled to control himself. It wasn't real, he had just had to much caffine. The lump hits a table and the lamp upon it teeters precariously. Ernie couldn't control it anymore, he screached like a little girl as he leaped up, flinging popcorn and spraying pop everywhere. He grabbed a nearby chair and raised it above his head. Just as he was about to slam

the chair down there was a loud 'SNAP!' and the lump disappeared .

This time Ernie waited, but the lump did not return. After three agonizing weeks of sleepless torture he gave in and decided to look under the rug. He cautiiosly layed down on the floor and slowly lifted the carpets edge. He didn't see anything so he lifted a little more and a little more.
Finally Ernie had lifted the whole carpet, Ernie didn't even see dust. Convinced that he had dreamed up the lump, Ernie went to bed to finally sleep. That night he died of a strange heart attack, but right before that, the carpet moved.

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