No Trespassing

January 10, 2008
By Marydeanna Serrano, Davenport, FL

Kayla was walking through the dark pathway not thinking about what could appear at any time possible. She kept walking thinking about every step she took with deep consideration. Suddenly she heard a mysterious noise behind her. Thoughts of dread ran through her mind. She peered behind her wondering what could be following. Kayla stopped and took in her surroundings. Mist, dry but cold, smells of wet grass and bugs. Then there was a rotten smell that followed with a cold breeze that was different from every other smell. She turned around once more to face an old man. He didn't seem normal though. There was this odd abnormal feeling he gave her. The man held out his hand. Waiting. Waiting for something. Did he want her to take his hand? She reached for his hand not being aware of what she was doing. She felt distant as if she had left and experienced a time of life and death in less than a minute. She looked up. He was gone.

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