January 10, 2008
By Ashlynn Tomkinson, Orem, UT

She was going to leave forever. Never going back, never shaving her hair off again.

She looked down at her beautiful Prince stuck one stretched leg out of the window and thought about the first time she saw him.

Rapunzel remembered looking out this window strumming her fingers on the cold cement blocks of her tower and sighing. Looking out at the beautiful green pastures with the red velvet roses smothering the gray brick walls. She looked at the garden to see a Prince standing there. She stood up so quickly she almost fell out of the window she let out of a little shriek. She saw the prince glance up at her brick window she barely had enough time to duck away and put on her unbelievably long golden wig. Thinking why did my Step-mom shave off my hair but buy me this really long wig she shrugged forgetting it.

She went back to her windowsill. Batting her eye lashes over her electric blue eyes and making funny little sound, hoping to catch the boy’s attention. Finally after two minutes she of this she decided to just say

“Hello, what are you doing here?” with her fingers running through her hair trying to make it look like she didn’t snag her hot pink dress sleeve on her wig.

“Oh um I didn’t know anyone lived here. Sorry” he said apologetically and backing away as if he were going to leave.

“Wait don’t go, please, tell me your name, my name is Rapunzel.” Finally releasing her sleeve from her wig with a rather large pull. Made her stumble over herself.

“ My name is Guy prince Guy.” He said his name very dreamily.

“ I thought this place was relinquished, for at least sixteen years.” He said very intelligently.

“ Oh no I have lived here all of my life, With my step-mom.” She added step-mom with a abhorred voice.

“My step-mom isn’t that nice either. I just usually avoid her by going outside and stuff. She hates to be outside.”

“ I avoid mine by reading.” There was a loud click of at the door. Rapunzel jumped back startled and said
“ You have to go, See me tomorrow.” The prince bounded out of the garden with his golden hair bouncing in the breeze.
Rapunzel turned around to hear the door close and all thirty locks slam behind a woman with greasy hair and demonic eyes.

“ Hello step-mo mo mother.” Rapunzel stuttered

“ Hello Ra Ra Rapunzel.” The Stepmother said mockingly as she slunk closer to Rapunzel

“It’s time for your weekly shave. So sit up straight.” She demanded.

“No” Rapunzel said sharply

“Now, now girl don’t be fresh. That was an order not a question.

“No. I don’t want to shave my hair off anymore.”

“ Well then fine.”

“What”? “ I mean thank you so much but why.”

“ Oh Rapunzel I don’t just give stuff away for free I hav’t to have something in return and I already know what I want.”

“What, anything.”

“ That boy of yours”

“ Guy? No anything or anyone but him.”

“ Ok then your wig.”

“Ok, fine you can that if you give me freedom.”

“Fine you won’t last a day in the real world you’ll be crawling back as you can so I won’t even have time to miss you. Not saying I will. You can go next month. See you later.” She said in dispute

It was about ten a clock in the morning the next day Rapunzel was on her toes looking out her window with her fingers running through her three inch length of golden hair looking for her prince. She was really excited to tell Guy that in a month’s time she would be free to leave her Step-mom. And run away with him. But there was something subconsciously running through her mind which was what if he doesn’t love me back. I mean a five minute conversation isn’t really what you call Love at first sight. Then she heard

“ Rapunzel,” Rapunzel looked down to see that the prince was down there. Ha she told her self if he didn’t love me he wouldn’t have come. She looked at what she was wearing, Trousers, and a long white T-shirt she realized the prince didn’t look that much better in fact they were wearing the exact same thing.

“ Sorry I thought Rapunzel lived here.”

“Wait, I am Rapunzel, I just cut my hair off.” She added cut my hair off very slowly.

“Oh at first I thought you were a boy. Why did you cut your hair?”

“ I thought the rest of it was dead.”

“ Yeah I thought it looked plastically.” He agreed quickly he then began to blush. Astonished of how honest he was she told him about what her Stepmom had said and added that she loved the prince very quickly at the end. The Prince said I love you too as if he did it subconsciously. But knowing how honest he was she said

“Take me out of here now so I can go be with you.”

“ um, Ok how will I get you down though?”

“ Oh I know I’ll toss down my books and you catch them and we’ll stack them on top of each other and I’ll slide down.” So in about an hour there was a monstrous amount of books stacked like a stair case.
She couldn’t believe that she met him just yesterday she threw her stuff down so he could catch it. She stuck out one of her stretched legs out of the window. When she heard the door slam shut and her Step-mom screeching

“ Oh no you don’t” she grabbed Rapunzel’s arm and pulled her back in. Rapunzel punched her Step-mom in the nose causing her to grab it, with pain surging in her face. Rapunzel jumped out the window causing all of her books to slide down and hit the ground with a thud. She grabbed her prince for the first time and smacked one on him. They started to run through the green garden off to his castle to live until they die.

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