Dilara's Halloween

January 23, 2008
By Ceren Dalkıran, İstanbul, ZZ

Her whole life was ordinary and passed monotonously but
… but she could never forget 1999’s Halloween.
While she was watching a scary movie on the TV, her phone started to ring. First, she was scared a lot because of the movie’s influence on her. Her house was very untidy that’s why she couldn’t find the phone easily.

“Hello! This is Dilara!” she grunted.

“Hello Dilara! I’m Ceren!” her friend replied.

She hesitated for a minute. Why did Ceren call her?

“How are you?” Dilara snapped.

“Thanks, I’m fine! I thought that may be we might
reconvene with all our colleagues from Işık Primary School
like we did 2 years ago. What do you think about my plan?”
Ceren suggested cheerfully.

“OK, I will come with you! I hope it will be good,” Dilara
added coldly.

“She is very rude and inconsiderate. She talks with contempt,” her friend thought at that moment.

“See you at 8 o’clock, then!” Dilara drawled and hung up
the phone.

“Oh! I can’t believe that I will meet with those stupid
people,” she murmured condescendingly.

Dilara was feeling miserable and she thought that she
seemed ugly. She always gave importance to her appearance
so she decided to grab the bull by the horns.

She looked at her watch which was covering her thin
wrist. After that, she went upstairs. She sat in front of the
mirror, getting the dazzling Istanbul’s sun to her back. She
brushed her long, straight hair gently. She put her pink
dress onto her slender body. She put on her make up and
watched her beautiful, spirited face.
“Of course I am more beautiful than those saucy people
and I am sophisticated,” she thought.
Promptly, it started to rain cats and dogs outside. She
went downstairs again. Her door opened intensely. She was paralyzed. Suddenly, she came to herself and closed the wooden and heavy door but it opened again. The lights went out too. She lit a candle and the inside of the building became dim.

At the same time the phone and the doorbell both
started to ring. She became bewildered and stood without
moving with her shaking hands. She became sweaty and her
teeth were rattling because of fear. She was a coward at
that moment. She went to the door and whispered to
herself, “You are bold, don’t worry. You can handle it”. Then,
opened it doubtfully.

“Happy Halloween!” her friends shouted like a chorus.

When she realized that these things had been only the
part of a joke, her body was consumed with anger. She
couldn’t decide what she must do. Her eyebrows became
bigger and she attacked her friends. She was very irate.

She thought that her friends were very thoughtful because although she acted them very wickedly, her friends didn’t want to leave her alone at the Halloween and made a surprise to her, that’s why she realized her friends’ importance. She also understood that they loved her. She got her lesson.
“I won’t think wicked things about my friends and I will
say what I want straightforwardly to them. I’m so ashamed
because of my behaviour and when I think I see myself that
looking at people from above like a giraffe,” she whispered to herself.

She celebrated the Halloween happily with her friends
and she treated to her friends favorably. She became a
nicer girl and she always loved them so much. She couldn’t
forget their elaborate plan her whole life.

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