January 10, 2008
By jerry karadesheh, Westland, MI

God I can not sleep. What awoke me nearly every night? It was the sound of screams. All day I heard were screams. They were of joy but after a minute I heard something else. It was of metal grinding in a horrible car crash. The screams get louder and sound like their in pain. Then the laughter resumes. It pierces the night air. It happens every day. Never ending or seeming to stop. The same sound still there.
I should begin; it started when the dog Sinatas carnival came. They were a little strange. They had some very realistic things for sale. The bodies that lay around looked pretty real. The guy in the human dunk tank always seems to stay under after he is hit. The finger on a stick was also real looking. The man burger was the most popular. The booth says save an animal eat a human. Another thing is people are lifeless as they walk around. It is probably just make up. But from the sounds of things everyone seems to be having a good time.
The next day started off the same. After I left school I started to walk home. I took a shortcut through town. While I walked I noticed something. Since they’ve been here, the town seems to be dead. Not in the sense that no ones around, but in the sense everything has come to a stand still.
I started to wonder why some people were gone from school. I was so lost in thought I noticed my friend Sic was not there. Where is everyone and why has no one told me about the carnival yet. For that matter no one I know seems to be around. The butcher Mike who waves with the knife still in his hand, the flower shop owner Mr. king. The ice cream driver who waits by the elementary school. Mr. Jones is his name, I think.
It’s like they’re all being killed right over there, I don’t know. I have to go there one of these days. While walking I didn’t notice my friend Kelly stalking me. She’s the same age as me. We have been in class with each other since elementary. But people are afraid of her because of the way she dresses. Also the way she acts is weird too, but I have known her for so long that it doesn’t bother me.
“Boo!” she said as she tried to scare me.
“He what’s up?”
“Nothing,” she said. “I’m board”.
“Me too,” I said. She’s about 6 feet tall. She has long red hair with black highlights and red contacts.
I am 2 inches taller than her. I have blonde hair. My friends say I look like a mouse. I got it from my mom. She has a thin nose with small eyes and sunken cheek bones .I am skinny from my dad’s side. My height comes from my mom. People say Kelly and I look like brother and sister.
“So have you heard about the carnival? I asked. She said no.
“No ones told you yet?”
“Nope,” she said.
“Same here,” I said.
“Do you want to go there tonight?”
“Yea I want to go there.”
“But I don’t know if it is good or not. My friends have been there all day.”
“But no one called and told me.”
“Yea I know,” I said.
“Do you want go and check it out any way.”
“Yea,” she said.
“It seems cool,” I said.
The day dragged on. As I walked to Kelly’s house I bumped into chuck.
“Hey what’s going on,” I said.
“I am going to the carnival,” he said.
“Cool so am I.”
“I guess I will see you there.”
I knocked on Kelly’s door. “Are you ready?”
“Yea let’s go.”
At around 4:00 we arrived there, as we approached it. At the sign said your soul is ours. “Welcome says,” the ticket master. “May I have your soul please?” “Yeah sure where do I sign.”
“Why right here,”
“Oh hey look at that.”
“What are they?”
“They are Pain waivers. Once signed, I have control of your life,” he said.
“Sure you do and people here get killed,” I said. He just smiled, and chuckled.
“Weird” I said brushing past him.
“Do you want to sign it?”
“He is probably kidding.” “yea” I said with a nervous chuckle .As we entered we saw all my friends from school. Hey what’s up said chuck? I said Nothing much. I am Board out of my mind. So am I said chuck. So where have you guys been. We have been here all day. Have you guys tried to leave? No we tried. But the doors are locked. What do you mean you tried? Here watch. As chuck started to walk we saw a string attached to the back of his head. But it went inside. It came out holding the hooks in place. I noticed a red light beeping around his neck. What is up with that? Chuck said he was unlucky and lost the game. They are probably not real. No he said they are real. Why would bet your head. I don’t I thought it was all a joke. `Why would you think? Never mind. So this Game what is it exactly? We all have to play a game and we bet certain things for a grand prize. If we lose we have to stay in a trap until someone can beat him. Until you win at life is what they all say. But no one knows what they mean. Anyways. You play this for a prize. You don’t understand. It’s what we want the most. Like money or a car or even a better way to live. But for some you lose more that a part. Still I was not thinking right. I thought I could win. How does the game work? It depends on the person. Each person has a desire for something. They put it out in front of you. They know you want it. So then they test you. Ok I think he is losing his mind I said to Kelly. Yea let’s go. We will see you guys around. That was a little creepy. Yea I know. What do you think he meant by the game and it specifies a certain person. I shrugged my shoulders. As we walked around it seemed to be stranger. Why there were graves with people being lowered into them. Why did it stretch for miles? One man had his head split in two hanging by a barbed wire wrapping his face. They were holding it in place. Weird they almost look real. Yea I know. Do you think he was serious? No. Hey look at that booth. The centaur. Cool lets go check it out. As we approached we saw a man. But from the bottom his legs were replaced with a horse. Help me he said. His skin was turning green and began to fall off. The owner came over and shot him through clenched teeth. Aww sorry folks we will have him as good as new. You think it is part of the act. Maybe. Hey do you want to go on that ride over their. You mean the spine splitter? Yea it sounds like it would be fun. No the line is too long. Yea but look how many people are leaving. Yea but why are some people in wheelchairs. That is a little weird? They have no spine. A guy waiting in line said. What do you mean no spine? The ride picks up speed. Near the end. One person has the strap you are held by get drilled in to your back. Once it starts to slow down it choose one person to grab the spine. Then it pulls out. In the end it is left hanging as the person crawls to the floor. Oh my god maybe he was not lying. You think. Let’s go. As we walked to the exit it said closed. Try opening it. I Can’t. I have your life in my hands? Who said that? Is this a joke? Nope. The ticket master said. You have to play a least one game. No I am fine. Then I have the right to kill you. You did sign the waiver. I am scared said Kelly. Me too I said. But we have to play. Then we will choose an easy one. Ok. Want to try this one. Which way will he snap? No the other one. The game of life. Sounds easy let’s go. Step right up folks. How much is it. It’s free. What’s the prize? The freedom everyone desires. Ok how does it work? All you have to do is win at the game of life. How about that one? Penetrated by a knife. Yea. We walked over there and saw a man nailed to an upside down cross. He was red all over. He screamed as he saw us approach. Pull the leaver. Why I need to win. How do you win. I can’t tell you. My lord I will see you soon. In h*** we will feast.

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