The Guy Who Saves Princesses

January 23, 2008
By Ali Cem Ertekin, Coruscant, ZZ

The sun of dawn was slowly rising from the east, shining with all her glory and magnificense. On account of her red and orange lights, a red hue was on the air. A new day was born at the Yale College. As the sun slowly rose up to her place in the ksy, students of this proud college started to feel her warmness in them and wake up from their slumbers.

Of course, not all the students were waking up at that mıment. Adam was still in his bed at one of the dormitories. With his pillow he tried to cover his ears and keep the lively souns and voices away. “Why is all this happiness?” he thought. After some noisy minutes, he got out of his bed and stood up. He was a fit young man, who had just turned eighteen. His straight black hair covered his eyes and gave him a scary look. He shaped his hair with his favourite comb, his hand, and got dressed. He wore a black shirt, black panst with a black belt. And at last, he wore a black leather coat.

It seemed like it would be a normal day but suddenly a White-Bearded Old Man appeared in front of him. He was wearing a long white linen cloak and holding a long white staff.

“You must go and rescure the princess that is being held at the lowest of dungons! Guarded by the fiercest of the dragons and the most cunning army the world has ever seen!” he announced.

“Not again,” Adam answered. “Didn’t I save her last week?”

“No!” the man answered with an answer with an echoing voice. “That was the week before!”

“All right,” Adam sighed. “Same place you say?”

“That is correct!”

“Let me go get my sword.”

“All right! But we must be hasty. Time is of the essance!

Adam rolled his eyes and went back to his dorm room. He started rummaging through his possessions. He was muttering while he was doing this.

“Too violent, too bloddy, I must clean this one. Plastic. Wooden. Oh! Here it is!”

He had found a leather sheath, which covered a magnificent long sword, made of the finest metal ever smelted by Men. “I am ready!” he yelled. He started to glow with a radiant white light and with a sudden “POOF!” he was gone.

The dungeon was dim and cold. He could see the door that held the princess. “So where is this dragon?” he asked himself. Then he went to the door and opened it with his long sword. And behold! The princess was there, playing poker with the dragon.

“Huh?” exclaimed Adam.

“Oh, you again? Well you can leave, I want to stay here, between you and I, this dragon doesnt know how to play”, she said with a smile.

“But...” he started but before he could finish, he was back at his room.

“Oh mani what was that all about?”

“I am sorry Adam!” the voice of the old man was heard. “That was the wrong princess! You want to rescue the other?”

“No I have lessons!” Adam said and went to his classes.

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