Little Mermaid

January 23, 2008
By cemre akgün, Istanbul, ZZ

I’m Ursula, the best witch in King Triton’s amazing, conspicuous kingdom. Actually, I was the best witch in his kingdom. He drove me away because of my magic. Everybody knows me a bad creature, enemy of Ariel and King Triton. However I ever attempted to protect Ariel and give her a better life.
Ariel always played in sunken ships and I really worried about her I was
afraid of that she would fall in love with a man, who is a human, because she was not from the people world. She was only a little, beautiful mermaid. She was very defenseless and she could believe a bad man easily.
One day, a tremendous, wooden ship appeared on the sea. Ariel saw
Prince Erik on the ship, and found him really very handsome. Suddenly, a storm
came up. The conspicuous ship started to burn. Everybody put out the fire, but
Prince Erik fell down from the ship and started to go into the deep parts of the sea. When Ariel saw that, she promptly started to swim, tried to save him, and unluckily she accomplished it. She struggled him to the seaside and started to sing a song to him. At that time, I understood that Ariel fell in love with Prince.

After a few minutes, Erik’s friends came, and at that moment Ariel
vanished. I witnessed the Prince’s dialogues with his friends. He was a bulky
man, and he would marry with Ariel and try to assume King Triton’s Kingdom.
When I heard that, I decided to create an agreement to deter Ariel from his love.
According to this agreement, if the prince will not kiss Ariel in three days, Ariel
will start to work under my orders.
I found Ariel and signed this agreement. I turned her into a human and sent her Prince Erik’s brilliant palace. Before I sent her, I had taken her voice,
because if Prince would hear her voice, he would understand that she is Ariel.
When prince saw Ariel he was affected by Ariel’s beauty. I was really afraid of that the Prince will want to marry Ariel, so I turned myself a very beautiful, young woman, like Ariel, took Ariel’s voice and went to Prince’s palace. I affected the prince with my voice and beauty and he fell in love with me. We decided to marry. I was really happy because the Prince would not do some bad things to Ariel. Suddenly Ariel’s friends, the birds, came and lit into me. Because of this attack I lost Ariel’s voice and turned into myself again. The prince understood that Triton’s daughter was Ariel and she hugged him.
Fortunately the three days, which I gave her, finished and Ariel turned into little mermaid again. I took her and went to sea again. However, prince came and threw me a spear and I felt that I was dying..

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