January 23, 2008
By Alp KOCABAŞ, İstanbul, ZZ

Bob climbed to a wide hill where was nearby his house, to think because he didn’t know what to do. He was in pursuit of money because his son, Carl, hearth was at the wrong place in his body and he needed an expensive operation. If he didn’t he would die. Bob was pessimistic. He thought he couldn’t find that amount of money. Then, he was paralyzed for a moment. He had a plan but the plan gave him the creeps.
“I have to grab the bulls by the horns for my son’s life!” he yelled through the huge valley.
Then, it started to rain cats and dogs and it became cold but his eyes were gleaming. His house was in suburbs of Los Angeles. He ran to his little, poor home in two shakes of a lambs tail. He abrubtly kissed Carl on his forehead.
“I love you,Dad,” Carl whispered with pain.
Bob couldn’t stand these circumstances. He started to think about the plan. He would steal money because it was the fastest way. He didn’t want to do that but he had to. He loved his son more than everything else. He was competent, eager and robust so he relied on and persuaded himself but he was afraid because he was ignorant, clumsy and naive. First, he must find a victim. He chose his boss, Bill, because he made money by illegal ways. He was very rich and famous. Bill was a massive man and his face was crooked. He was influencial and belligerent. He sometimes hit the servants and Bob was the one of the servants. It would be easier than the other houses because he knew where the safe was and where the secret hiding places were in the immense house. Bob was afraid of the bodyguards and the alarm system but he could handle them. Bob made an elaborate and complicated plan. In the end he understood that must kill Bill to get the money. It was urgent. In the morning he prepared for work and he took his black, elastic suit with him. He would use it while he was sneaking into Bill’s room and stealing his money. While he was leaving, Carl blubbered, “ See you.”
“We’ll see each other but it will cost an arm and a leg,” Bill giggled.
Carl assumed that something would happen. Bill’s house was far away from Bob’s house. Bill worked in the house ordinarily all day. The house was like a castle and the guards were like knights. The rooms were gigantic. Bob could hide everywhere in the house because he was short, skinny and elastic. He was like a trapeze artist. In the end of the day, other servants started to leave the house but Bob hid under an immense bed which was across from the alarm conrol. While guard was setting the alarm, Bob was writing the code on his memory. Then, he turned off the alarm system.
“No matter what, I have to sneak into Bill’s huge room,” he thought. Bill’s room was bigger than Bob’s house. He held on until there weren’t any guards. He snuck into the room. When Bob took out his knife, Bill awakened and shouted. Tons of muscular guards came and caught Bob easily.
“ You are a dead man, ” Bill sneered. “Your plan didn’t work out.”
“My son is dying. Please give me a break. I can do whatever you want. I’ll work for you all of my life, ” Bob begged.
“You know I’m a helpful man and I love children. You can take the money and go. You are free,” Bill boasted and blinked his eye to the guards. He had an evil plan.
“Thank you very much,” Bob cried. He was shocked but happy. He didn’t think Bill will relase him like that. While he was running, Bill and his guards were in Bill’s helicopter. The gigantic helicopter was flying like a swallow. Bill didn’t show his anger but he was enraged. He wanted to kill Bob’s son, Carl and bury Carl in Bob’s backyard. When Carl heard the deafening roar of the helicopter his intuition said horrible things would happen. He looked at outside and noticed Bill and his muscular guards. They had sharp and long knives and immense, gray guns. He looked at the tiny, broken mirror. He thought for a while. He looked like death. His body was cold and tired. He picked up a handful of flour and put it on his cold skin. He started to act like he was dead. When they came, they were paralyzed.
“We can’t kill the boy, boss,” one of the belligerent guards complained. “He was already dead.”
Bill looked at the boy. He was white like snow. Bill’s face slowly turned into red. Bill was combative and enraged. He hit the thick wall with his bulky hand. They walked to the helicopter with a great disappointment.
When Bob arrived to his little house, he saw the helicopter. He was paralyzed. He ran to his house with misery and anger but Carl told him about the mind blowing incident. Bob and Carl went directly to the airport. First, they flied to England. Carl had a successful operation. Bob put the money in a bank for Carl’s future. Then, they bought a tiny bungalow at Koh Samui Island in Thailand. Finally, they lived healthy and happily with tons of money after, all that bad memories.

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