Believe in Happy Endings

January 9, 2008
By Alyssa Moseley, Rochester, NY

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aqua. She had a normal 16-year-old life, school, friends, and a family. Aqua was mostly known for her imagination and good looks. She had long beautiful brown hair with green eyes that who look as if a flower would bloom out of it. She was in great shape because she loved to be in healthy shape. Aqua was never unhealthy and she was very fast.
Aqua always had the boys asking her out but she a girl looking for love and romance that would come and never leave. She was waiting for the perfect guy.
She reads adventures and romance books all the time. She dreamed how she would go on an adventure and meet a perfect guy. They would fall in love but then evil would get in the way. She always defeated evil and got the guy in her dreams.
At school that day, Aqua seen a new boy in the building. He had beautiful dirty blonde hair that was just past his ears. His eyes were golden brown that changed to gold when the sun fit them just right. And he had the perfect body that you knew was strong even though it didn’t look like it.
He seemed to be lost. “Hey, I’m Aqua. Do you need some help finding your class?”
“Thank you so much. My first day. I’m Jonathan by the way.” He said as he put out his hand.
“Nice to meet you.” She said as they shook hands.
The minute they touched, Aqua had a feeling spread though her body like water down a waterfall. A feeling that made her body tremble. She knew at that moment that he was the one.
The day went by in a daze for her after that. Jonathan and her had 5 classes together, including lunch.
At lunch Aqua and Jonathan found a table that the two of them could sit alone at.
“So what do you like?” Aqua asked wonderingly.
“Well, since you seem nice and all, for helping me out around here, I’ll tell you something that I wouldn’t tell most people I just meet. I’m a crazier fan for imagery stories. They are the only books I find interesting and they make me want to read more. Most people at my old school thought I was weird for it.”
“Well, you don’t have to feel weird around me for that. That’s the one thing everyone around here doesn’t like about me. I’m the biggest fantasy fan around here.” Aqua explained to him with a laugh in her voice.
“I guess we have more in common then I thought.” Jonathan said with a smile.
“Don’t worry. People around here just don’t get the adventure and thrill fantasy books can give you. Promise me one thing.” Aqua said.
“What is it?
“Promise me that you will not change your mind about fantasy and imagination. No matter what people say.” She asked with a little worse in her voice.
“I promise.”
As the weeks went by, Aqua and Jonathan became the two closest people in he school. The spring fling dance was coming up.
One day at lunch, Jonathan and Aqua were studying together for a social studies test they had next period.
“Hey Jonathan, do you have your notes from yesterday? I left mine at home.”
“Yeah, one minute.”
Jonathan looked though his bag as Aqua went to the snack bar line. Jonathan opened up to his notes from the other day and wrote down as fast as he could on the bottom, ‘Will you go to the spring fling with me?’
When Aqua got back to the table, Jonathan handed her his notes. As she looked though the notes, Jonathan waited with his heart pounding so hard that he was surprised no one heard it.
When Aqua got to the bottom of the page and read the last sentence. She looked up and had a little smile on her face. She looked back down, picked up her pencil and wrote something small down. Jonathan knew it was the answer to his question. It was yes or no that he didn’t know.
Aqua handed back his notebook to Jonathan and she looked him straight in the eye before he looked down. When Jonathan looked he almost jumped out of his seat. But he remained calm. He got closer and closer to Aqua by moving over. The whole time Jonathan got closer to Aqua they never left eye contact. They moved closer together with Aqua’s green eyes and Jonathan with his eyes a golden brown only a few inches apart. Jonathan moved in the last few inches and kissed her. Just before Aqua closed her eyes, Jonathan’s eyes turned the gold color that makes her heart melt every time.

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