High School Sweethearts

January 9, 2008
By Cassady Hetrick, Bend, OR

Crina sat on the grave of her ex-boyfriend; a sad look on her pale face. Unable to help her I stood by, although she had no idea I was there. It seemed that she was unable to leave the grave; she had been here since the death. He had died almost a week before. Such devotion even in death, to her high school sweetheart. The one, who had been planning on leaving her, it was touching yet pathetic at the same time. She had known his plans so why did she remain so loyal to him? What was the point in longing for a person who had never been there for you? It confounded me; it made me want to watch to see how long it would take before she would waver.

After a few hours it became dark and with the dark came the bone-chilling cold. Crina did not really seem to notice the transition from day to night, or the cold. Again she cried for the love she had lost, endlessly it seemed she would wait for him. She knew he would never come, but still she waited. I knew that it wasn’t possible for me to help her, yet the thought of comforting her was almost tempting me to break the rules.
Just as this last thought crossed my mind a handsome young man came up behind Crina. I had a bad feeling about him and wanted her to get out before he could hurt her, but alas I could not! Well at least not with the thought of self-preservation on my mind.
The man was surprisingly attractive, even though his clothes were torn and tattered. Brown hair, blue eyes, well built, his face however was very plain. Compared to the dazzling Crina everyone was very mundane. Crina with her silky scarlet hair, green eyes, full lips, and fair skin, it seemed that every aspect of her had come from heaven. She looked like a statue of an angel, as she always did when she sat so still. Of course when she moved gracefully it was even more entrancing, after all she was living, not just a statue.

The man seemed to have known were Crina would be, it was rather suspicious to me that someone would be in the far side of a cemetery at this time of night. Crina seemed to think so to for she jumped in fright when she saw him.
“ I beg pardon my lady I didn’t mean to scare you. I was looking for the grave of one of my family members. I don’t suppose you happen to know were the grave of Stuart Burgan is do you?” I knew the second he said the name that it was a trap. Fear plunged through me, what was he going to do to her?
“ You are related to him?” Her voice cracked as she said these words, which couldn’t hide the sorrow she felt.
“ You know him?” he sounded excited, although I didn’t think it was because she knew Stuart.
“ I am, well was his girlfriend. May I ask who you are and by how you are related?” Crina’s voice was so quiet that he decided to come closer in order to hear her. He covered the some twenty feet to her were she was and sat down. Crina seemed to already have all the trust in the world for this man, although I did not. His eyes may have been blue but they were that of ice. Crina was perpetually oblivious to this though.
“ I was his brother, you may call me Anthony.” Was all he said, Crina began to cry harder, although I could tell she was trying to hold it in. it just didn’t seem to be working.
“ I’m so sorry for your loss,” Was all she managed to say in between the hick-ups that accompanied her tears. Why was she falling for all this? It couldn’t possibly be about his good looks, nor that he was trustworthy. It would be a sham to let this man get to her, yet I knew my self to be a coward.
The cemetery was empty except for them; a thick covering of fog covered nearly everything. The thick forest that surrounded the area was very sinister in the gloom; it almost made me believe in ghosts. Crina would never believe in ghosts, no for her that was just far to easy. To be able to come back and haunt those you love, no that was just to simple. It was a shame sense she was talking to something worse then a ghost. After all a ghost wouldn’t have been able to hurt her. But Anthony on the other hand could.
Their conversation had continued when I had been thinking, it was now revolving around Stuart’s death and how it had happened.
“ It was suicide,” Crina said to him, looking down as if picturing it in her head.
“ Are so sure?” he said with a bit of a sneer in his voice, the tone of which took Crina by surprise.
“ Well the death certificate said it was suicide, and Stuart had been very depressed.” Crina’s voice shook with fear at last, she wanted to leave the cemetery, it was very evident. Nevertheless she stayed; loneliness does things to people.
“ Did you never stop to think of murder?” His tone had a hint of knowing in it; it didn’t take Crina long before she noticed. Immediately she stood up, she had never met his brother. Was this man who he claimed? It was highly possible that this guy wasn’t who he said he was.
Crina ran. She did not pause, she did not scream. No not Crina she just ran. She was no match for his speed though. With in a few seconds she was on the ground weeping, he of course was laughing. This was like a scene from a horror story, some how so was Anthony.
“ Where was his body found?” Anthony asked in a rough tone, one that made me sure that she wouldn’t get away, one that made me want to run. As much fear as I felt, I knew Crina felt more.
“He was found here.” Crina seemed to have gotten over the fear, for she stood up and walked over to a nearby tree. A tree that had a large black spot from blood, it was so dark it looked like a shadow creeping up the tree.
“ I can not leave the graveyard, so I had to lure him here. It was not hard of course; he was the type to go to creepy place for the adrenalin rush it gave him. His death was rather enjoyable; he begged, you see. No, he could never have committed suicide; he was to conceded for that. He was to be in my collection of souls, but he made me an offer I could not resist.” He smiled almost innocently at me as he finished speaking.
“ What would that be?” Crina asked, her voice had become very stern, commanding almost. It was as though she knew of her inescapable death and had resolved not to beg for her life.
“ He offered me you,” was all Anthony said before he pulled out a knife. The knife looked like it must have been at least a century old. On the right side some sort of unknown language was written out. I could only guess that it was had to do with death.
“Well, then I guess that I shall be going with you.” It seemed that all the fight in her voice left when he said the four little words ‘He offered me you’.
She had decided to save her boyfriend’s soul, how sweet. To bad he didn’t have the decency to do the same. The moment the though crossed my head was the moment her neck was slit. Her soul rose out of her body, it was not her but something else. The form of a soul was that of a light color of purple fog. Within seconds he had her soul and she was gone. I wanted to run, but knew it would do no good.
“Am I free to go?” I asked the man who had introduced himself to me as Damien
“ No, you are not. You must gather another soul for me first.” He said in a tone that I knew would haunt me for the rest of my death.
So it began again for what I knew would only be the second of hundreds of lives I would help to end.
“ It is such a shame you had to be my high school sweetheart.” I said to the body of my beautiful ex-girlfriend. When I said this her hand moved just the slightest bit. I knew that as soon as I seen her I would regret my decision; but the pain I felt for her was different. I should have served my punishment not let her take it for me; well I guess this is what happens to high school sweethearts in the end.

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