What Lies Beneath the Snow

January 9, 2008
By Lukas Dollarhide, Tonkawa, OK

It had been snowing since six o’clock in the morning. According to the weatherman on TV it wasn’t supposed to stop snowing until six in the morning tomorrow. The impeccably dressed forecaster with his $30 hair cut and flawless smile had said just the other day that the state was experiencing record amounts of snow fall. Very unusual indeed, he said with a smile, probably the same smile he flashed his wife and kids every morning as he left for work, probably the same smile he flashed the person he cuts off every morning on his way to work, and most likely the same smile he flashed his pretty young intern, thinking about all of the things he’d do to her if he could.

Of course none of that mattered to the boy trudging though the wintry woods. He was dressed for the weather. He wore a thick stocking hat and a matching massive scarf was wrapped around his neck like a green and silver boa constrictor. He wore his same old army coat that had once belonged to his grandfather. He glanced down at his sleeve and noticed a few drops of blood that hadn’t been there earlier. He stopped walking, sat down in the snow, and took a handful of snow and rubbed at the blood.

Of course none of that mattered to the girl lying in the wintry woods. She wasn’t dressed for the weather, wearing only a thin pink hoodie and an even thinner pair of gloves. She was wearing a scarf, and although it was wrapped tight around her neck, her neck was like ice. If anyone would have glanced down at her they would have seen more than a few drops of frozen blood that had trickled down from a nasty gash on her forehead.

The boy finished wiping the blood off his sleeve and kept walking through the wintry woods. It was late November, only a few days before Thanksgiving. According to the grinning weatherman it was just going to snow more all winter long and stay in the teens most of the time. The boy wandered aimlessly through the woods. The boy wondered, would anyone ever find what lies beneath the snow?

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