The Howl

January 9, 2008
By Timothy Bougher, Whitmore Lake, MI

Once dark moonless night, Peter and Jeremy, two brothers, were driving down a road one very dark night. They were looking for their dog which had run into the forest that they were driving in. By this time they were getting discouraged because they had been looking for their dog for at least a half hour with not so much as trace.

All of the sudden they heard a howl. They quickly turned off the car and got out so they could hear it better. It came again and this time it was a little closer. It was then that they realized that this howl couldn’t belong to a dog or in that case, anything on earth. It sounded at least a mile off but they could hear it clearly as if the thing howling were right next to them. Also when they heard it they could hear a slight whispering in their heads. They realized that their lives were in danger and that they needed to get out.

They both got in the car and Peter (that was the name of one of the brothers) tried to start the car, nothing happened. He tried again, and again nothing happened. After trying a couple more times, they began to get out of the car to walk back.

Just as they were about to get out of the car an old man came from seemingly out of nowhere. Of course after all that happened just a second ago they were terrified. The man came up to the car and frantically beckoned them to get out of the car. After what seemed like 10 minutes of this but it only took about 10 seconds he opened the door and said “You must come with me, you are in grave danger”

Even though their thoughts screamed no they followed anyway into the bushes where the man had come from. Then very quickly he dropped to the ground and told them to do the same. They wondered why but again they found their bodies obeying without them telling their bodies to do so. At this point they looked at the mans face, his eyes were plastered in one direction, so of course they looked. What they saw would make any grown man want to run home. Right on the road they had come from was a dark hooded figure, where his face should have been was darkness and he didn’t actually walk he floated it looked like. But that wasn’t the thing that grabbed their attention. The figure had a four foot beast walking next to him sniffing the ground. They didn’t get a very good look at it because it was pretty dark out. Just then they both disappeared into thin air.

“What was that!” whispered Jeremy (that was the other brother)

“That is the whole reason you’re unsafe, the thing you just saw was the shadow wraith.”

“Shadow wraith, what’s that?”

“It is the dweller of this forest, it terrifies everything and everyone in these forests. Also he can sense anything living in the forest, if something new comes it disturbs him and he gets very restless.”

“What happened to the last person to wander into these woods?”

“lets just say that he will never see the light of day again, alright enough talk we must go!”

after that was said the old man started out again. The brothers were following until without warning the old man disappeared. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find him. They decided to split up to try to find him.

About 10 minutes later peter was walking and then a dark figure stepped in front of him. Somehow he knew it was the old man, but their was something different in the way he stood. He held himself a little stronger and bolder. That’s odd thought Peter, when he left us he was hobbling but now he looks as if he could lift an ox.

The old man watched Peter as he inched forward toward him, then the old man raised his arms and something dark snaked out towards Peter unnoticed.

Jeremy a couple miles away from Peter was searching for the old man when suddenly he heard someone laughing behind him. Not a nice laugh but a sinister one. He was rooted to where he stood. Then he felt a hand snaking on to his shoulder, a familiar hand. It was Peter. Jeremy let out a relieved sigh and punched Peter, a little more than just a playful punch. Peter whispered “I think I found a way out of this god forsaken forest”

“Thank god” Jeremy said

They started walking and pretty soon they came up to an old stone structure. It looked sturdy enough but something made the air around it seem eerie. Peter said “Lets go,” but Jeremy had his doubts about it and talked to Peter about it. Peter just told him that this was the way to get out so they walked in to the building.

Once inside they saw that a couple torches were lit and Peter grabbed one. Right away Peter headed into a tunnel that Jeremy hadn’t noticed when they came in which was odd because the room they were in was very small and it was almost impossible to miss anything in it. His doubts started to gather but he pushed them aside.

The second he stepped into the tunnel the entrance shut. When he looked at peter he knew that he had made a mistake. Peter had an evil smirk on his face and started laughing, the same laugh that Jeremy had heard in the forest. Peter then grabbed Jeremy and hit him hard enough on the head to knock him out but not kill him. He then proceeded to drag Jeremy’s limp body down the tunnel with what would seem to people superhuman strength.

When Jeremy came to he was tied to a pole in front of what looked like a throne with an emblem that put images of shadows in his mind. Immediately he saw what Peter had done. He had betrayed Jeremy and brought him to the shadow wraith himself.

Peter walked up but he looked different, not in his face but the way he held himself, and his eyes looked like they had no life in them. Jeremy asked him “What are you doing to me?”

Peter answered “Only what needs to be done, you see to keep on living the shadow wraith need to take life from someone every once in a while.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I serve the shadow wraith and no one else”

Jeremy would have said something to Peter but the last thing he wanted to see entered the room, the shadow wraith himself. With his presence the room seemed a little more dark and gloomy. Right after the wraith came his faithful pet Necrosis. Jeremy had no idea how he knew the werewolf’s name but it just came to his mind and he knew that it was right. Then after him came the old man, but he no longer looked old, all the wrinkles were gone and he held himself more upright. “Who are you?” He said

“I am the steward of the Shadow Wraith, I enslave people for his service and I find him sacrifices.”

After hearing that, Jeremy knew what had happened, the steward had enslaved his brother and now his brother was and forever would be in the service of the shadow wraith. As Jeremy was thinking he saw the Wraith nod at Peter.

At this signal Peter simply walked over the Jeremy and cut his ropes.


Then the ground seemed to cave in. The floor he was standing on was rising into the air! He left Peter, the Shadow Wraith, and the steward behind, but there was someone else with him on the platform.

Necrosis. I was a fool to think that they were setting me free. They’re just going to feed me to Necrosis.

Jeremy sank to the floor with defeat. At that Necrosis made his way over to Jeremy. The last thing Jeremy remembered was the sickening feeling of teeth tearing through his flesh. Then… darkness.

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