January 23, 2008
By Şebnem Birgören, İstanbul, ZZ

It was a dark and chilly night.A coward woman who has chocolate hair called Angela was walking in the bumpy street.She was going to her chubbiest friend’s dazzling house.As she was
walking through the street ,she realised that the night was peculiar.To
begin with, the St.Dio Street, which is normally packed with people,was empty and all the stores were closed. She didn’t understand what had happened. While she was walking, she heard a grotesque voice,she looked back but she couldn’t see anything because of the
When she arrived her friend’s enormous house,her mobile phone rang.She answered it but nobody answered her.After that experience she told everything to her friend hastily.They talked about it for a long time but they couldn’t find anything meaningful in it.
‘‘The St. Dio Street was empty tonight, do you know the reason?’’
implored Angela.
‘‘It can be forbidden to go outside tonight but if it is forbidden, you
would be recommended not to go outside too.You have to stay here
tonight.It’s a bit strange,’’replied her thoughtful friend Wendy.
Then,they decided to cook.While they were cooking,Angela saw something different outside.A bulky man was doing something but she couldn’t understand what the man was trying to.
‘‘There is a man outside.Don’t look at!I think he is burying something
but I don’t understand.Call the police!Call!’’emphasized Monalis apprehensively.
‘‘Please stop rambling!He’ll go soon.Recently, the man came here
two times and inspected the house.I think he wants to buy it.It isn’t a
profound experience.Don’t worry!’’ explained Wendy but this explanation was inadequate for Angela.She continued watching.
Then, the man vanished and the electricity went out abruptly. While
Angela was watching the man,she dropped the pot down because of
her excessive fear and the flames started to cover the floor,turning the
floor board into black tiny pieces of dust.They were frightened so
‘‘Call the fire department!We will die!Hurry up!’’Angela shouted.Wendy called the fire department hastily.
‘‘It is an urgent! In St.Dio Street! A fire!’’shrieked Wendy.
Eventually, when the fireman came, the house was totally wrecked.Nobody witnessed the fire. The fireman and the police searched the entire house, there was no sign from Angela and her
friend but they found a dead body belongs to a man.When they saw a
sign at the begining of the St.Dio Street,they thought that the man set fire to the house.

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