A True Roman's Word Stays Forever!

January 24, 2008
By Kaan Murat Pınar, İstanbul, ZZ

“Alea Iacta Est”

Flavius Julius a faction leader from the Julii family, always wondered what Gaius Julius meant by saying “Alea Iacta Est” which meant “The dye is cast”.He asked all the priests and writers .None of them knew anything about it .Flavius Julius conquered cities around the world. He gave 10, 000 denaii just to find clues about it .He ,Flavius ,was his son ,but he had never understood it .One day Flavius went to his father’s statue.

Ave ,father.I have conquered ,searched and öade alliance with cities,but I’ve never understood what you meant by saying this to me when I was a child .I beg you, father .Give me a clue in the name of Jupiter!

Lightning struck Flavius.Slowly, his sight faded.In his dream ,an army of a million men was marching through the world .It was his army.The villages had been burned .The people were dying. Chaos was spread throughout the world , and his father’s statue was shouting out the words “ Alea Iacta Est ” over and over.The world was burning .Rome had fallen and all the diplomats were lying dead. The holy cup was burning.

When he woke up ,Flavius had a high temperature and all his clothes were covered with sweat. He knew there was something about his father’s saying .Could his dream be real ?

The world was in his hands . Flavius had a really old friend who was a general,a priest and a writer. His name was Marcus Acquintus .He was living in a villa with a big library where he spent most of his time. Flavius went to meet his friend in Patavium.

Flavius ,by Jupiter ! It is you my friend ! How can I help you my ally?
Ave Marcus . I ask your help in these times.

The Coming Of An Age

When Flavius asked them to speak, the senate started saying the same things again and again.
“We will make peace with the Egyptians.” , “Let’s conquer Syntia” , “Blocade port Palma”
“Leave Region Lativa” , “The Alliance is broken” , “Veni,Vidi,Vichi,”.
Suddenly along with the shoutings of the old men came a low sound,but a sound that would cover up all the other talkings,a sound that would lead people to the future,a sound that made Flavius forget all his troubles , a sound that came from a boy.This made Flavius have ideas for the future.As grain of sand gets in to a shell; after years it becomes a pearl.The ideas of a small boy could grow into the idea of the future.A memory filled Flavius’s head,a secret about his father.The conquering of land , of making peace flashed from his eyes.Then from his heart came a low light.His father, as a hero fought in a war.A war with evil.Every information that was revealing itself now looked like a puzzle unfolding.Flavius remembered Bellerophon fighting Chimaera.Yes, there was evil in the lands and Flavius was Bellerophon.

He woke up from the dream and told everybody to be quiet.He asked for the boy to tell what “Alea Iacta Est” was. “Not here, Ceasar, please come to the chambers.” Flavius went to the chambers and the boy was staying still as a tree “Ceasar the empire is in danger ,evil is lurking in the coridors.” “But what is “Alea Iacta Est”?” “Only you can find it out!”Suddenly a fog covered up the place.The boy was gone.There was still hope!

“Et tu Brute?”

Flavius thought about the traitor.It could be anyone.The old men from the senate or even a person closer to him than anyone else.It had happened to his father.He was killed by Brutus himself.His father’s last words were “Et tu Brute?”.It could be Brutus but he was killed years ago in a war with Dacia.Who could it be?, he wondered.

Far away in the senate was a man named Pontus.He was one of the respected men of the senate.He had a blue cloak on his back.His face was wrinkled but he wasn’t old .He in fact was as young as Flavius.After the meeting had ended,he had gone to the chambers.There was a man with black cloak.He couldn’t see his face clearly because it was dark. But it was obvious that he had been tortured. Even Pontus was afraid of him.The man’s harsh voice echoed in the air. “Ave Pontus.I have been waiting for you,I heard those old idiots talking about an end.Tell Me! Do they know? I said DO THEY KNOW?!” “No your Majesty they.. they don’t know.Please don’t kill me!” “You Pontus,you are a tiny mouse in a sewer.You are Nothing!.I wont kill you just yet.” “What can I do for you?” “Take this sack full of one million denaii and get me an ARMY!”Pontus ran with fear.There was silence once again.The darkness covered the corridors.

Every Empire Has An End

Every empire ended when it was strong enough conquer all the others, like Briton had the strongest army in the world, but then after the threat the faction was destroyed.His father was banished from the city because he was strong.The alliance was broken but after years the war had ended.They were trying to destroy his empire once again!He was strong, he was a threat to the senate; he was his father’s avenger.
An army was upon the gates of Julii.An army with barbarians,the destroyed Gauls,and some Briton warriors.How could this happen?He remembered the words of the senate. “A faction can return by the people who destroyed it!”All was now making sense.This was a plan by someone or a plan from the senate.After the fight with Flavius’s one thousand man army and one hundred thousand men of the enemy.He had to surrender.They banished him out from Latvia to the lands of Byzantium.Nobody knew him so he was treated as a beggar.He was pushed around.His face became darker,he ate nothing for seventeen days until he saw Marcus.

While Marcus was walking through the city of Constantinople he saw a beggar.As a helpful person he threw money to the beggar and suddenly saw a familiar face.He bent down and recognized the dark face of Flavius. “Flavius!It can’t be! Is it really you?” A moan came from Flavius. “By Jove it really is you! Come let’s go to my place.” So the hopefull Flavius told his story to Marcus.

Loyal to Ceaser

“Those old idiots full of Hubris!Who they think they are?You are Ceasar the Emperor of The House Of Julii!But Flavius, there are men still loyal to you.They are hiding as peasants, waiting for a comand to capture Rome.A man is the controller now,he is rummaging through cities searching for you,to kill you not to let history repeat itself again.He has destroyed towns,burned farms,tortured people.We must stop it!” With this talk Flavius’s mind brightened.
He gathered the generals of the armies and thanked them for their loyalty.They brought the armies to the woods.The silence had covered the trees,but suddenly a cheer which was heard by the farthest place of Byzantium came up.The cheers for victory,an army of ten million marching through the region of Lativa.Flavius’s army had won.The gods were praised.

A Close Enemy

While this was was happening Flavius was searching for the man who had done all these.The burned villages,the murdered people.Rage was flowing through him.While his anger grew from behind came a torturing voice. “ “Et tu Brute?” were the last words of your father.Such pity.He was a strong enemy.Well, I used him for years.Easy come, easy go!hah ha!It’s time for your end.You are just as strong as your father but at the same time weak.” “What Brutus?you died in a war with Dacia!” “I was tortured but I found a fool in the senate,Pontus,he brought the rebels and with Rome’s money got an army.Any last wishes? “You are not going to torture my people again!”The rage had overthrown Brutus.The sharp suface of the blade killed Brutus.

All Making Sense

While the people were celebrating Flavius walked through the halls of Rome.His father had been a great ruler and he was a great ruler too. Into his mind came a vision in which he was with his father.His father had a great crown on, and was looking at him with pride. “Flavius, you are a great ruler.You saved millions of people from that Brutii traitor.You have followed me and looked for a great saying “Alea Iacta Est!”which means “The plan is ready!/The dye is cast!”
I said that when I was overthrowing the senate.because I was too strong they banished me.I found those who were loyal to me.Let me give you a father’s advice.Don’t conquer anymore,make peace, bring back the Gauls,the Britons and every other faction.Let them favour you.You will be a great ruler Flavius.Make me proud!”With these words Gaius Julius faded away.Within came a smile on Flavius’s face.The people shouted “Ave Flavius Julius The Magnificent

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