A Friend's Betrayal

January 24, 2008
By mert kayhan, Istanbul, ZZ

When I was young Kobe,Allen and Carmelo were basketball players.But then they became business man.They have a tremendeus sport company,which produces glistening sport socks.Kobe and Allen are married,but Carmelo has new girlfriends every week like a casanova.Allen has 3 children and Kobe has 2.In their free time Allen goes with his familie to a movie,Kobe never goes to his familie,he always plays poker and Carmelo goes with his
girlfriend to a restaurant.

Those days Kobe was unlucky,he was a black cat and he lost all of his money in poker and got 10,000$ debt.The owners of the money started to want their money back and began threatening him.

Kobe thought to himself profoundly:”I must find some money.”“But how could ı find money?” “I can rob the company.?”“No,I can’t do it to Allen and Carmelo.”“But I must to do
it and I hope they will understand it.”

Then he turned on his computer and started typing some codes like a hacker.After a click sound the money transfered to his bank account hastyly.

He shouted,”Bingo!”

First he payed his debt.Then he went to home in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.He kissed his wife and children.

His wife asked warily:”Is there something wrong?”

He answered slowly:”Yes,there is tons of problem.”

She guessed:”It’s about poker isn’t it?”

He agreed:”Yes,I lost all of the money and I debt 10.000.Then I stole money from company.”

She complained:”I said to you don’t be so extravagant but you didn’t listen me.”

He whimpered:”You’re right on the money,but it’s too late.Can you leave me alone?”

She answered:”Sure.”

Next,he packed his bag and jumped out fom window and called airport for a plane ticket.Then,he get in a Miami plane without his familie.When Allen noticed the money is stolen,Kobe was in Miami.Next he telephoned Kobe,but his phone was off.Afterwards he called the airport and learnt that Kobe bought a ticket to Miami.

He thought to himself:”If Kobe didn’t run away,we could handle it.Now I must call the Police when I arrive in Miami.”

Then he went to Miami in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.When he arrived the hotel it wasn’t hard to notice Kobe because of his longness,muscled body,angular face and bold hair.Then he called CSI and whispered:

“There is an emergency,a man stole my money and he run away.”

“Now I’m standing front of him,”he emphasized.

The policeman asked,”Where are you now?”

“I’m in Haydar’s Place.”

“Okay,we’re sending two cops there,”he continued carelessly.

When Allen turned back Kobe had run away,because he noticed Allen while he was talking to phone.He called an old friend to ask some help.

He pleaded,”I need your help,I need to go Panama.”

His friend replied,”Okay,but I want half of the money.”

He was confounded,”How could you know about the money?”

He emphasized,”I’m a recourceful man and I will calibrate a plane to you which will be waiting for you in the secret place on Monday.”

On Monday Kobe went to the secret place.He didn’t gave the money and he shot his old friend.But his old friend wasn’t dead and for revenge he told everything about Panama to Allen.Then Allen called the police and Kobe got caught.

Finally Kobe lost the case and get in a prison which was named Sona.After one mounth Allen and Carmelo came to visit Kobe and Allen asked:

“Are you regretful?”

Kobe answered:”From beginning to end.”

Allen continued:”Then I will take my complaint back and you can go to a low security leveled prison in Florida.”

Kobe flew to Florida to the prison.After 1 mounth Kobe started to play poker in prison and he debt again.He couldn’t pay his debt and one night Kobe killed by a prisoner in
his bed.

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