January 24, 2008
By maya kurdoğlu, Istanbul, ZZ

On a far far away land, where everything gets covered with loads of cotton-like snow, there lived a thin man with a pale face named Uchikita. When he wasn’t struggling to catch food, he was lying in his fluffy old bed made pf yak and polar bear fur. And sometimes he would walk to the kitchen, slowly limping even though he had a cane. He would go and kiss his wife Tontonis huge belly or he would sing fisherman songs to his son Karamba who was expected in approxinmately three months. They were a happy family who trusted each other.
One day, while Uchikita was fishing and blowing between his extremely frozen, aubergine coloured hands, he noticed that a piece of land was floating on the sea. He promptly left his fishing hook and climbed onto a cliff to get a better vision. “Holy bananas! It is a dead whale. Oh god, thank you for giving this oportunity to me. You are the best,” he yelled to the sky. Even though he didn’t believe in God, he talked with him because he felt alone and he had to share his gratefulness. He pulled the huge stripy grey whale on the shore with the help of fish nets. He wanted some help from the local whale hunters and they helped him transport the whale to Uchikitas igloo.
That night Uchikita ran home while singing thw song “I got the power”. He got through the door tossed his rucksack on a sofa and immediately explained his beautiful wife what had happened. “We won’t be hungry over a year, honey. “ blurted Tontoni in an extremely voice.
Two years later, they were settled in Norway because Uchikita had sold the whale’s fat and he got a fancy job offer from Neutrougena, a company where they make body lotions out of whale fat. Also, little Karamba is now nearly two yers old and can talk! He is such a genious kiddo! All the members of this family are aware of the fact that life is full of suprises.

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