January 24, 2008
By begum tutuncu, ISTANBUL, ZZ


As I was walking down the hallway, all I could think of was why I was there. There were lot of complicated answers but basically I was there because of the love I had for Mario. I hoped that this hallway would lead to the room where they kept Mario as hostage. It was dark, there were spiders and flies everywhere and the walls were covered with dust. That place really gave me the creeps but I had to kept going.

On my to the room I hit two vases and ran into a wall so I made lots of noise and I was beginning to think that they knew I was coming. These didin’t happen because of fear or excitement, it was just because I was a clumsy girl. I was laughing at myself until I finally got there and saw him.

Mario, my Mario was barely braething, his eyes were closed and he was unconsious. He was treated really bad, anyone could tell it just by looking at the blood that was covering his feet and legs. I couldn’t help crying because he had a delicate skin and even that was a serious problem for us back then, imagine me seing him like that! I surended him with my arms and kissed his cheeks. ‘’Everything is going to be just fine,’’ I whispered to his ears and just then I heard voices.
I heard two men talking and her their foot steps. I was strainning mysellf to make him get up so we would get out there but he stood still. They opened the door and of course saw me. I didn’t have any other choice but living him behind. I got up and ran to the window but they were faster than me. One of them shoot at me and I quıckly squatted. Before I got back up on my feet, they caught me. I saw the anger in his eyes but I didn’t feel scared. He grabed my arms tighter and tighter then started talking.‘’Is that what you want? To jump from the window?’’ one of the men asked. ‘’So it be !’’
As you can figure out by yourselves, they threw me out of the window. I screamed, cried, thought of my whole life in just 5 seconds. I thought of Mario..
They killed him right after throwing me out and to tell you the thruth I was glad because I knew he was no longer in pain.
Some old ladies found me and rescue me, at least they thought so. Doctors told me that I would satay paralyzed, permanently!
Now I have no Mario and no ability to move my legs. What is the point of me to live? I will be going to a better place, I will be with Mario and I will be watching you, all of you from the sky. I have three more minutes till the poison shows its affect so I guess this is goodbye. "This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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