Sunrise, Sunset

January 24, 2008
The sun began to set behind the trees showing a mixture of purples and blues, making it look as if someone took crayons to the clouds. Miguel noticed this as he edged his way closer to Sarah on the bench. It was mutual as their hands met.
In Miguel’s eyes Sarah was perfect. Her soft blonde hair was just the right length, barely longer than her shoulders. It framed her flushed pink cheeks which accented her uniquely colored eyes ; outlined in a slate grey that enveloped a hazel green. When Miguel was looking into Sarah’s eyes he swore he could see their future together. He saw them standing beneath the arbor, at their beach wedding, the silky smooth sand between their toes, fresh sea salt air permeating their noses, and the same sunset view that they were currently beholding.
In Sarah’s eyes Miguel had faults. His disheveled curls blocking his in elaborate brown eyes, he needed a hair cut and Sarah had been telling him for months. He was tall and towered over Sarah causing kissing to be awkward and un comfortable. When Sarah was looking into Miguel’s eyes she saw nothing but pain and lies. As he wrapped his arms around her, his plush green and brown striped sweatshirt brushing against her face, Sarah felt comfort again.
As the sun finished setting and immerged Sarah and Miguel into complete darkness all of Sarah’s doubts left her. When they were in the dark she didn't have to look into those eyes she hated so much but loved at the same time. Sarah knew as they began to walk towards Miguel’s repulsive green Honda Civic that she would have to tell him her doubts and fears.
Although Sarah hated the Honda she found comfort in the familiarity of it. The red interior making it look like Christmas was the most luxurious thing her skin had ever come in contact with. The passenger seat with its curved seats molded to her body perfectly, the faint smell of the Macintosh apple air freshener she bought him. The way her hand automatically rested on the center console waiting for Miguel to take hold of. She wasn't ready for this all to be over, or maybe she was. Sarah Hated change and this was going to be a big one. Four years down the drain.
During the speechless car ride home Sarah began thinking about the past four years all the good, and the bad. There had been those nights where being with Miguel meant the world to her. Everything Miguel did for her was selfless and loving. Like the time he surprised her with a picnic by the pond, something she knew he hated. As she was remembering that afternoon she could still hear the duck quacking and the smell of clean fresh air. She remembered them laying in the grass side by side and thinking nothing would ever change. Little did she know a year from that day she would find out a secret Miguel hid from her. Miguel was a killer, he had murdered someone.
Sarah would have never guessed that Miguel could do such a thing until it all unraveled in front of her. They had been out for a walk enjoying the breezy summer night when a black Chevrolet S10 truck, that looked as if it was held together with duct tape, pulled beside them. There was a man in the truck and all he said was: "I know it was you. You killed my baby, my only love." Needless to say Sarah was confused and naturally she asked Miguel Questions about the incident. At first his answers were vague and opaque. she knew he was hiding something, she could feel it.
Eventually the truth came out. Miguel had been in love before he was with Sarah, her name was Paulina. He had shown Sarah a picture of them together, they looked like the perfect couple. Paulina was two or three inches shorter then Miguel. She had piercing blue eyes that drew yours to hers. Her hair, a light brown with natural golden and red highlights, shimmered in the gorgeous fall photograph. Paulina and Miguel were holding hands in the picture and it just looked so right.

As Sarah replayed the whole event in her head she remembered asking one more question.
"Is i-it true, d-did you kill her?" she had tried to hide the quiver in her voice
"Yes, well...not exactly, but..." Miguel had moved in to try and take hold of Sarah
"Don't touch me!" as Sarah had tried to squirm away she remembered Miguel’s hold growing tighter.
"You don't understand, nobody would! I did it because I love her."
Miguel later explained that the Man in the truck that night was Paulina’s husband, Paulina had been having an affair with Miguel. Her husband beat her the nights that she was with him and when he found out about the affair he knew he would kill her. Paulina and Miguel had come to the agreement that she would do it herself. she would end her own life in a painless way. She overdosed on pain medication with Miguel by her side holding her hand the whole time. Miguel recalled Paulina’s bathroom, the scent of dial soap still lingering from the mornings shower. The sun streaming light through the blinds pulled down a quarters way. It was the hardest thing Miguel ever had to witness but he knew it was the best thing to do. He never thought he would love again, until he met Sarah.
The Honda pulled in Sarah’s driveway. All the memories Sarah had been thinking of caused tears to trickle down her hot flushed cheeks.
"I can't do this anymore Miguel. I know you love me more than anything, but...I just can't. You’re not the same to me anymore."
Miguel was silent. He had tried to so hard to show her she was the only one he wanted to be with.
Sarah slid out of the Honda, nothing left to say. she took in one last deep breath and gave the interior an extra squeeze with her hand before she shut the door meekly. Four years...Sarah thought, and none of it was a waste.

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