January 24, 2008
By Christi Jenisch, Pompton Plains, NJ

My parents used to do everything with me. Everything revolved around me. Both of them used to walk me upstairs and tuck me. I would get two whole bed time stories. And now I am lucky if I get a half off one. I bet you’re wondering how my life went from mommy and daddy always watching me play and playing with me to hardly ever getting the time of day. I mean I have to wet the bed (which I find repulsive) just to get a little attention. Well, it all started with what I like to call it. Well its birth name is Andrew, Andrew Simon to be exact. And it ruined my life.

You see one winter day after I came home from school my baby sitter was there. She told me that mommy would be back tomorrow and that she would sleep over tonight. I accepted it, although I wasn’t happy about this abnormally long period of time away from my mommy. And sure enough mommy and daddy came home the next day. But they didn’t come alone. They came with it. At first it was alright. It slept a lot. But then I started to see how much of mommy’s time it took from me. And it was then that I began to really hate this little thing that was ruining my life.

And now I never get attention, I have to throw temper tantrums and make scenes in public places just to get some attention. Life is less fun and I blame it all on It !

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