The Beginning

January 24, 2008
By Ryan Murphy, Corrigan, TX

It all began with a simple girl, oh but she was no just an ordinary girl she was a girl with a gift that could soon change her life. And her name was Nightanimal. At first everyone thought that she was a creep because of her gift. No one not even Nightanimal knew the anything about the mighty strength of her power, and no one can change that.

”But mom I have to go to this school, School For The Powered is the only school that is for me none of the other schools that you have picked for me work, they won’t even except me into their schools because they think I’m so dangerous because of the way you had to describe me to them, thanks a lot!” Nightanimal said to her mom how thinks she that Nightanimal should go to a normal school because she needs to be normal. “Honey, I’m just saying that I…………” “Mom, I don’t care you just don’t understand what it’s like to have every single power and have every one call you a creep but your best friend which still has no idea about what you’re talking about with most of your powers because they don’t have and with all of that I mean that you have no powers I repeat NO powers so you have no idea what it’s like to live like this. Now if you would LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!” Nightanimal said as she started to walk to the door. “Where do you think you’re going?” her mom said. “Bye”, Night said, “I’m going to Earth’s house, we have a S.T.A.R.S. club meeting there today and I don’t want to be late. Oh and remember when I get through baby sitting Mrs. Bella’s twins then we have to set up the S.T.A.R.S. club meeting. Um mom I need Trouble for the meeting today.” Oh I’m sorry here take her, oh and um can you take Spirit whit you I’m going to clean out her stall today,” her mom said. “Sure, wait why are you going to go clean her stall I said that I would do it every Wednesday while you go to the nursing home to donate flowers” Night said with a look saying “mom you’re crazy” on her face. “I know I just thought we might win the stall contest.” her mom said. “Oh, that’s today! I thought that was next weekend!” Night said “Its ok I’ll do it ok?” her mom said.

Just as she was started getting ready to go ride Spirit, she felt an evil shadow watching her every move. She used her ability to think into communication with animals to ask if either one of Trouble or Spirit if felt it, and all they said was she needs to stop talking within her powers so much. As they were riding Night heard a voice calling at her name “Nightanimal, Nightanimal, come to me” the voice said creeping her out. Oh well she thought to her self. Finally she got to Earth’s house and they started the meeting this one was so they could date the day they would all go to the orphanage down the street to put on some plays for all of the little kids. “Attention, Ms. Murphy is going to lead us in the meeting today since all of this is was her idea,” Mrs. Foreman said, “Ms. Murphy would you start us please” “Why, yes Mrs. Foreman I would” Night replied. As she started to walk up the path to the stage she noticed that Mrs. Foreman didn’t look like her self. Suddenly as she started to tell her speech Mrs. Foreman changed into something that looked like a mix in between a snake and a lady with very large bat wings. “Your not Mrs. Foreman, your some kind of freak!” said one of the boys in the club. “Oh you don’t say.” said the strange thing “I am Vee, the queen of the Kekins. And your worst nightmare Nightanimal.” said Vee as she started to bend some vines making so that they would tangle her, as if she was tied up in some ropes only these were vines instead. “Demon!” Nightanimal screamed so she could call one of her many dragons. “Demon, take the other benders to the secret home of the others.” “When did she get a dragon?” asked one of her very best friends, Morgan. “We won’t go, were all going to stay and help you!” “Morgan, I said go now!” before Morgan could say anything Demon took them away. “I demand to know what you want with me!” Nightanimal said as she notice that the gem on her head that changed color to match the mood that she was in started to glow, which is the one thing that it has never done before. “It’s that gem I want and you are the only one who can use it.” said Vee. “Well to bad sister!” Nightanimal said as she started to use Kong fu on her. She dodged all of Vee’s attacks. Vee was no match for Nightanimal the queen of all animals. “Hey Vee, why not give up now while you still can, hmmm.” Nightanimal got bored from Kong fu fighting the whole time so she started to start Earth bending, Water bending, Fire bending, and Air bending. Finally she shot Vee back to her world. “Demon! Oh good you brought everyone back, thanks boy.” Nightanimal said “So where is Vee?” Morgan asked “Gone, long gone.” Nightanimal said looking at the sky wandering what the glowing of her gem meant.

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