Taking a Chance

January 24, 2008
By Michelle Choi, Gainesville, VA

Once she heard the door of her parents’ room close, Samantha threw off her blanket and carefully tucked in her my-size Barbie in her bed. She opened her window slowly, making sure not to go too fast to prevent a discordant noise that might prompt her parents to come check on her. Slowly, putting her left leg out of the window and getting a good balance on the shingles of her roof, she let the rest of her body follow. Once on the roof, she turned around and made sure to close her window the way it was before she opened it. After crawling to the edge of the roof, she found her trusty tree branch that she used as a ladder down to the backyard where she tiptoed out to the front of her house. Crossing the street to her friend, Kara’s house, she uncovered her sleek, black motorcycle from under bushes and shrubs. Rolling the motorcycle a couple blocks down from her house, so as not to wake her parents, she turned on the ignition and sped away for Les Deux.
She opened the back door to the chaotic music and pumping bodies of people dancing on the dance floor. She ran towards her spot behind the counter and looked around; making sure nobody noticed her coming in 30 minutes late. She smiled and went to work.
“Hey Tiff, what was the hold up? I was up here waiting for you.”
Tiffany looked over, and grimaced at the angry expression on Wes’s face. She looked up to meet his glare and thought how gorgeous he looked even when he was furious. His perfectly chiseled featured and defined jaw line with his hard, black eyes made him look god-like. She sighed and thought of excuses she could pull out.
“Wes you would not believe what happened on the way here!!!”
From an angry expression to a more confused and curious expression, Wes’s face softened and he pretended not to be interested but kept silent and stood there with his arms crossed, looking expectantly at Tiffany. Tiffany took this as a sign that she was off the hook and now she needed to find something interesting to tell him.
“Well, yea. So I was speeding my way over here and then this crazy drunk guy waltzed right up in front of me that I had to swerve off the road to stop from running over the poor guy. That was some crazy s***. I thought he was a goner.”
Tiffany gave him a smile in hopes that he would buy the story. Wes looked skeptical, but gave up.
“It’s ok. I got you covered; there weren’t a lot of people today anyway.”
“Thanks Wes, I owe you!”
He nodded and just turned around and walked away down the bar out into the dance floor. Looking after at Wes’s back profile, Tiffany’s knees grew weak. She looked at his broad shoulders and nicely toned arms. She imagined herself slowly running her fingers down those arms that would hug her from behind. She was determined to make him hers. But for now she had work to do.
She plastered a smile on her face while she pretended to listen to the stories of the people at the bar while serving them drinks, but her mind was on Wes. She watched him dance on the dance floor and couldn’t stop staring at his gorgeous body moving and pumping to the music. Occasionally he looked up and met eyes with her and winked. She’d grab a beer and pretend to be occupied and act like that wink never happened, but all she wanted to do was join him on the dance floor and wrap her arms around him.
Tiffany looked at her watch and saw that it was 5 minutes to 4 a.m. “Finally closing time,” she thought with relief. As the dance floor was clearing and people started to leave, Tiffany wiped down the bar and put everything back in it’s original place. She was ready to exit and took one last look before giving a satisfying nod at the clean bar. Opening the backdoor she saw a familiar figure leaning against the brick wall, smoking a cigarette.
“What’re you still doing here? Your shift was over a long time ago. It’s cold out here, you should go home.”
Wes just kept smoking his cigarette and didn’t respond. She walked up closer to him and loved how his body towered over her own. She swallowed and closed her eyes and before she knew it, she spat out,” If you’re not doing anything, want to grab something to eat with me?” Tiffany looked down so she didn’t have to face him when he rejected her. She closed her eyes and cursed herself for not being able to contain herself.
Realizing that he still hadn’t said anything, she slowly looked up to see if he was even listening. She then met the most beautiful face ever. Wes was smiling. Wes dropped his cigarette on the floor and smothered it on the asphalt. He looked up and said the one thing Tiffany didn’t expect.
“I was waiting for you to say that.”
He then opened up his jacket and took her inside and held her tightly against his body. He kissed her lightly on the top of her head and whispered in her ear,” I’ve been waiting for you to say those words to me for a long time Tiff. Don’t make me stay out in the cold again ok?” She shivered not from the cold but from the exhilarating feeling she was getting from his words. He let her go and looked her hard in the eyes and then suddenly lightened up and grabbed her hand and said,” Let’s eat!” She gladly consented to that and they walked hand in hand to the nearest restaurant to their first date.

Walking hand in hand, Wes and Tiffany walked in silence all the way to the Good Burger across the street. Tiffany was in complete shock and could not believe she was holding Wes’s hand and walking to eat a meal with him. She carefully reached over with her left hand so that her right hand wouldn’t be disturbed from Wes’s strong grip. She pinched her cheeks and realized she wasn’t dreaming. Suddenly Wes let go of her hand and when she snapped out of her deep thoughts she saw that Wes was holding the door open for her. She gave him a grateful smile and walked inside.

After ordering their burgers and sitting down, Tiffany checked her watch for the first time since she left the club. It was 5:30 a.m.

“Oh S***!”

Tiffany clasped her hand over her mouth as she met Wes’s confused face. She started to panic because her parents would be awake in 30 minutes. Tiffany leaned over the table and softly planted a kiss on top of Wes’s nose and then tapped it lightly with her finger. She smiled and said, “I have to go now, but we’ll pick this up tomorrow. Kay?”

His worried expression relaxed and he got up and gave her a warm hug.

“I’ll be waiting.”

He let her go and gave her a quick squeeze on the hand before going back to his burger. Tiffany got up and ran over to her bike. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow and the date they’d go on. She smiled and sped away on her motorcycle home.

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