The Garden

January 25, 2008
By kylee Kosty, Mattawan, MI

The garden, the luscious full garden was just starting to bloom, the beginning of spring was finally here. The gray sky above was glowing immaculately, the clouds had been there for years, but London would not be the same without them.

Beams of light shone through the heavy gray blanket of clouds, just a centimeter. It landed over the garden hitting my face with a sudden flash, startled, I jerked a bit, but it was a nice surprise to say the least.

I could hear the fountain in the distance, I could almost feel the light trickle of water on my glowing skin. I walked faster now.

Once I came upon the fountain, I felt at home: comfortable, safe. I took a seat upon a boulder next to the rushing waterfall like sculpture. I looked at the fountain like a child looks at a large tower, in complete awe. I heard a twig snap. I turned my head oh so swiftly, when my eyes fell upon this gorgeous figure, without antlers, strawberry brown fur, large brown eyes the size of walnuts, a deer! My heart stopped beating, my mouth went dry, I didn’t know whether to be frightened or excited. It stood there still as a statue with the same I-don’t-know-what-to-do look on it’s stern angular face. I stared at the deer’s walnut eyes, standing, still as a statue. I forgot where I was for a moment as thoughts ran through my head about why this deer was here, right now, standing two feet away from me. I looked around, took in the nature around me, the sweet smell of pollen, the roar of water next to me, the taste of lemonade from earlier that day still sitting on my tongue, the warm sun setting upon my skin, it was pure bliss. My eyes lay back upon the deer’s, I realized he had been staring. I reached my hand out slowly, the deer inches it’s neck slowly stretching out toward my hand…suddenly a gun shot, the deer reverts it’s attention to it’s place. It runs gracefully away, in terror.

I still stand quietly thoughtless, motionless. I sat down on the boulder once again, look around, spring was finally here.

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