The Dreams Came True

January 25, 2008
By Lindsey Kinderdine, Mattawan, MI

It was an ordinary day in an ordinary town for a girl who thought she was ordinary. But, little did she know that when she went to bed that night, her dreams would come true. Calm, relaxed, she fell asleep. Then it began. . . . .

The spider was huge. It was bigger than her mom's mini-van!!! It had fangs three times the size of her girl's head that were dripping glistening poison! The hideous creature (She thought that it could not be called a spider because of it's huge size)had nine eyes, huge, that glazed over, and at present were seeming to be summing up how much food it would get out of the girl Jade saw, with her family, who surrounded her. The girl's father was the bravest person there, and he grabbed a butcher's knife from the counter that appeared behind them. He was trembling, and as he flung the knife at the spider, he stumbled. He fell right next to the spider-thing, and another yellowish-greenish drop of poison began to drip, slowly, very, very slowly towards his leg. With every centimeter it dropped, Jade cringed with fear and sympathy. It was millimeters away now, and Jade wished she could do something, but her body seemed unable to move. Finally, the smallest drop landed on his leg with a sickening popping sound, like water dripping from a faucet. NO!!!! Jade's inner voice shrieked. Don't die! It's okay!! No. . . . The family stood silently, the spiders' screams of pain (from the knife digging into its' flesh) torturing them, and they were afraid to move. After what felt like ten minutes, the spider collapsed, and the family ran around,panicking. Their features became distorted as the scene drifted away . . . .

Jade was instantly awake at the sound of her alarm clock. She leaned over to turn it off, then she began thinking about her dream. Wow! That was pretty freaky. Jades' mind said to her. She turned on the news, and the headlines were that a huge, foot-long spider was found in a home, but not before the father was put in a coma by its' bite. Jade was thinking, Oh, whoa! Coincidence! Whoa! Then the perfect weather forecaster stated the perfect weather. Jade threw on a tank top and some running shorts, put her hair into an elegant ponytail, sweeping her bangs to the side and grabbed her iPod out of her iHome. She blasted the sound and stretched, then she ran all over the town. She passed the vet's office, the hospital, and a bunch of small shops. She ran home, and was bribed inside only by the smell of sizzling bacon and eggs. She sat down at the dining room table when her dad asked, “How was the run?”

“Fine, but how are those eggs?”

“Delicious, as usual.”

He presented her with a square, black plate with a flourish, then he poured her a glass of orange juice and gave her a polished fork. Jade began eating, then glanced at her backyard, but her gaze quickly moved to the huge, gnarled weeping willow. She examined it's branches, they looked as if they floated down from the sky like rain and settled there for her to look at them sway in the gentle breeze.

As she was finishing her meal, her older sister settled into the comfy chair in the corner with a cup of coffee. Jade greeted her, then she got some books and took them outside to read in the weeping willow. She read all day, only stopping to eat, and get a drink (or go to the bathroom). She retreated to the couch in front of their TV with a pillow and a blanket when the sun melted into a beautiful array of colors. She fell asleep to the sound of the TV droning in the backround . . . . . . . .

Suddenly, Ms. Finskelpew's round face appeared in front of her. Jade saw she was mad. Then her son, Doug's face appeared, looking afraid. Then, suddenly, she saw Ms. Finskelpew whipping Doug with a belt. Doug had tears streaming down his face, and he was crying with pain. But Ms. Finskelpew would never do that! Jade thought, She's so nice! Jade knew her neighbor wouldn't do that. And Doug's cries began to dissolve, and float to the back of her mind. . . . . .

Jade woke up to the sound of silence, the house was empty. She lazily stretched, and stood up to go and check the time. As she saw the time(12:47), and she heard Doug's cries of pain. She raced onto the front porch to look through the window and to see if he was being whipped with the belt. She was astonished when she saw the same scene as in her dream last night. Jade didn't know what to do, so she just went up to her room and changed to go running. She ran her usual route, then came home and ate her breakfast, a banana. She called her friend, Haley, and asked her if she could go to the skate park. Haley's answer was yes, so Jade grabbed her skateboarding shoes and skateboard, then she rolled her way to the park.

When she got there, she was alone. So, she started working on her kick-flip. She fell on her face at least 11 times before getting it anywhere perfect. Haley came skateboarding towards Jade as she was in midair, ready to fall. When Jade fell, Haley laughed and said, “Nice. You said you needed to talk to me.”

“Yeah. I'm having a . . . coincidence thing. Like, if I have a nightmare, it'll come true in, like, real life.” There was a silence before Haley said, “Okay, right J. You can predict the future. Fantastic. Let's just skate.”

Jade realized that she knew all along that even her best friend wouldn't believe her. But her sister, Carmina, would.

So Jade called her and told her everything. Carmina listened patiently, then she told Jade, “I know what you mean. . . that happened to me too. But it only stops when---when you dream someone you love and care about dies in the dream.” There was a long silence. Then Jade quietly said, “Thanks,” and hung up.

She skated with Haley for the rest of the afternoon, then she went home. When she got there, she went straight to bed, regardless of how scared she was. Then the worst dream she ever had began . . . . .

Her sister was lying peacefully in her bed. But there was a strange shadow on the bedsheets, like an old man. The shadow raised its arm, and it had a strange blade in its grasp. Then it killed her sister violently. Jade screamed. The scene vanished, and Jade woke up in a cold sweat. She smiled to herself, and she knew her troubles were over. The man hadn't killed her sister, she knew without checking. It was merely a dream that broke the curse that was on her nightmares, just as her sister told her. But just to be sure, Jade quietly got out of her bed and stealthily opened the door to her sister's room. Carmina was sleeping as sound as a small child, with her hair stuck out in all different directions. Jade made her way back to her bed and lay down, calm and relaxed, and she peacefully fell asleep.

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