My Favorite Place

January 25, 2008
By jared conner, Montpelier, IN

My favorite place is a place I go to get away from the fighting and to let out all of the anger. Out of all the places I've been on my dirt bike, on my track is my favorite place in the world.

It is where I can see birds zooming through the air. Bee's buzzing as they suck the pollen out of the flowers. I see the bright sun shining down on the tree leaves as I fly through the air.

I can feel the vibration of the handle bars shaking like an earthquake making my hands numb. I can feel the air going through my helmet on my face as I growled around the track.

I can taste the moldiness of the dirt as it goes in my mouth as I crash. I can feel my dirt bike sinking throught the mushy mud.

I can hear the roar of the engine when I soar through the air. I hear the slapping noise as the weeds slap my helmet.

I smell the rot on the trees, and it smells like moldy cheese. I can smell the earthy grass as it smells like sweet tea.

When I get tired I come back to my house, park my bike, and go to sleep.

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