Lost and Found

January 25, 2008
By Ginna Campbell, Ottawa, IL

I can’t find it! I set it right over there. I saw it there this morning.
It can’t have walked away. It doesn’t have any legs. No one would have taken it. It is all mushy and misshapen. Besides, most people have one of their own.
I need it. I have to be at school in fifteen minutes. I won’t get very far without it. Maybe I could borrow one from somebody. Although, most people don’t like to lend theirs out; it might come back dirty. And everyone knows how hard they are to clean.
Uh oh. Here’s the bus. And I still haven’t found it! I guess I’ll have to learn to live without it. Tears…
Oh. Hehehe. Color me embarrassed. Can you believe I was sitting on it the whole time!
I knew I couldn’t have lost my mind.

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