Fate of Dreams

January 24, 2008
By Keith Jost, Clayton, NC

Thomas Josephson awoke to the ever familiar and ever annoying sound of his alarm clock. He hated that annoying noise, BREEP! BREEP! BREEP! That shrill, almost evil noise hurt his ears and racked his brain.

“Stupid clock,” he moaned to himself as he reluctantly opened his eyes. The light seemed to nearly blind him, he thought he could feel his pupils contracting and as he turned his head to the right he saw nothing but light and the alarm clock as his eyes adjusted. He jutted his hand forward and banged down the button to shut it up. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, suddenly in the darkness of his mind his thoughts were assaulted by a strange apocalyptic vision (or maybe a memory, Thomas couldn’t tell).

Light shot down from the sky, people stopped in their tracks and looked up. It seemed that everyone was mesmerized and entranced by this strange light from the heavens…

Suddenly the vision stopped and Thomas opened his eyes. He looked around his fixer-upper bachelor pad apartment and wondered what just happened. He got out of bed and walked over to the closet, he looked within its’ dark depths and remembered that just last week a giant hairy Bigfoot-like being jumped out of there. He then cautiously reached into it and felt the familiar softness of his robe he slipped it on and walked outside.

When Thomas got outside he straightened his tie and walked to the edge of the railed breezeway that bordered the 10th floor of his apartment building. He felt the sturdy railing and found a bump in the nasty looking puke green paint, he fiddled around with it while a peculiar thought mulled around in his head.

“Should I,” he asked himself, “Yes, I think I will”

Thomas looked up into the great big blue, yet somehow sobering sky that seemed to hang gently over the city. He then looked down at the ground and this sight made his stomach roll in a strange fear, the ground seemed so far down, his stomach told him ‘no’ but his mind said ‘do it’, besides he had done this before.

He climbed to edge of the railing held on to one of the pillars. He gulped and felt his Adams apple crawl up and then back down again…

He jumped.

He screamed maniac laughter as he fell; he loved how the wind whipped at his face. Just as he was about to hit the ground he kicked his legs and shot upward.

The wind pounded at his face and he felt a burning sensation that soon passed due to the numbing power of pure adrenaline. His stomach fell into his toes and his finger tips turned red from the rushing blood. His heart strained to beat in his chest and his face turned blew. He drew in a deep gasp-like breath. He came back to his senses as his body was turned wet when he passed through a cloud.

“I’m going to the top!!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.
WHAM!!! He suddenly stopped as his body hit the top of the skies blue, he began to fall he was knocked nearly out of his senses. Falling, falling, and falling. Suddenly another vision assaulted his mind as it faded into a vulnerable state.
As people stared into the light one of them suddenly dissolved or disintegrated, then three more. Everyone ran into the shadows as more people dissolved in the light, screaming, screaming, and screaming.
Then his eyes began to open again as and he looked into the blue and two gleaming white slits seemed to be cut into the sky by a heavenly katana. He screamed as his skin burned and then darkness.
Such is the fate of dreams….
* * *
All around the small southwestern town of Dedton, Texas; children woke up to begin the day and the silent screams of burning dreams were never heard.

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