California Wrath

January 24, 2008
By Alexandra Rossland, Roslyn, NY

The California sun was beating down on Cyrus’s face as he ran to catch the bus for school. Cyrus was a sophomore at La Jolla High school, and his sister Ava was a freshman. "Cyrus wait up," said Jagger as he ran to catch up with Cyrus. Jagger and Cyrus had been best friends for as long as Cyrus could remember. They spent every weekend together and never did anything without each other. There was talk of Cyrus and Jagger being lovers, but that rumor was diminished because Jagger had a girlfriend named Mara. Mara and Jagger had been together since eighth grade. If Jagger wasn’t with Cyrus he was almost always with Mara.
"How was your weekend?" asked Cyrus.
"Great, I went to Monterey with Mara and her family," said Jagger excitedly.
"We went whale watching and watched old movies."
"Oh, that’s cool," said Cyrus covering up his real thoughts. Cyrus was always secretly jealous of Mara and Jagger. He saw how happy they were together and wanted that for himself. Mara was beautiful and Jagger was lucky to have found a girl like her. She had long jet black hair and big blue eyes. She was funny, smart, and cared a great deal about Jagger.
"How was your weekend?" asked Jagger.
"It sucked," said Cyrus. "My parents got into another fight and this time I think it’s serious. They said they are getting a divorce."
"Man, that sucks" said Jagger as he pat Cyrus on the back.
"The worst part is my sister"
"What about your sister?"
"She doesn’t even care!" exclaimed Cyrus. "All she cares about are her friends, boys, and clothes. Some times I don’t think we are even related."
"She has to care. How can she not care?"
"I don’t know."
"Cheer up man, I’m sure everything will work out," said Jagger.
"Yeah, I hope." Later that day Cyrus came home from school to learn that his parents were indeed getting a divorce and he now had to choose who he wanted to live with. "How can you do this to me?" asked Cyrus.
"It’s not our choice to make sweetie," said Cyrus’s mother.
"This blows!" screamed Cyrus. Cyrus ran up to his room and slammed the
door shut. "I hate them right now," thought Cyrus to himself. Ava came home at this time to her parents and a lawyer sitting in her living room.
"What’s going on?" asked Ava.
"Were getting a divorce sweetie," said Ava’s mother.
"Okay," said Ava.
"And you have to choose who you want to live with," explained Ava’s father.
"Mom," said Ava without a thought. Ava’s father rolled his eyes as if he expected not to be chosen by his own daughter. Ava went up to her room and heard crying from Cyrus’s room. "What’s wrong?" asked Ava as she stepped into Cyrus’s room.
"Didn’t you hear?" asked Cyrus.
"About mom and dad?" questioned Ava.
"Yeah, I chose mom," said Ava.
"What?!" exclaimed Cyrus. "How can you just choose like that? And how could you do that to dad?"
"I never really liked dad all that much anyway," explained Ava. "I’ve always
been much closer to mom."
"That’s because mom lets you do whatever you want."
"Whatever," said Ava as she walked out of Cyrus’s room. Cyrus went to grab the phone to call Jagger and tell him what had just happened.
"Dude, my parents are making me choose who I want to live with," said Cyrus.
"What?!" exclaimed Jagger. "That’s insane. Who are you going to choose?"
"I have no clue," said Cyrus.
"Alright I have to go Mara’s on the other line," said Jagger hanging up the
phone. "I’ll talk to you later." That night Cyrus didn’t get any sleep, in fact he couldn’t remember a time where he felt worse. The next day was a blur. He felt so helpless and alone. Cyrus was very emotional for a guy and couldn’t believe that his sister had no emotions about his parents divorce at all. Cyrus really didn’t know who to choose. If he chose his mom he was hurting his dad, but he knew his mom needed his emotional support a great deal more then his dad did. Cyrus needed someone to talk to. This was a time where he wished he had someone like Mara that he could talk to and just be himself around. For the past year Cyrus liked Mara as more then just a friend, but didn't know what to do about it. He wanted to tell Jagger, but couldn't because that would ruin his friendship with Jagger. A ruined friendship was the last thing Cyrus needed right now. That weekend Cyrus stayed at Jagger's house so he could distract himself from his real life. They decided to go to a party thinking it would make Cyrus feel better. Cyrus had seven beers thinking it would numb his feelings and he could escape from his life for a while, but instead it made him feel a lot worse and he was throwing up all over the place. Cyrus woke up the next morning with a huge hangover. He thanked Jagger's parents for having him over and started walking home since his house was just 2 and a half blocks from Jagger's. As
Cyrus was walking home he saw a Maserati pull into his driveway. He wondered who was coming to his house with such a fine automobile. The man coming out of the car had a dark suit on and a briefcase in hand.
"Hi sweetie!" exclaimed Cyrus's mom as he walked through the front door.
"Who's that?' asked cyrus.
"My lawyer," explained Cyrus's mother.
"Oh," said Cyrus.
"Hey there," said Cyrus's Dad. "How was your weekend?"
"Okay," said Cyrus as he started walking up the stairs.
"Where are you going sweetie?" asked Cyrus's mom.
“To do my homework," answered Cyrus.
“Before you do that, can you come sit here please?" asked Cyrus's mother. Cyrus walked over to the living room and sat as far away from the lawyer as possible.
“What is it?" asked Cyrus.
“Son, we know that this is hard for you right now," started Cyrus's dad.
"But?" said Cyrus.
“But we need an answer."
"An answer for what"
“What your father is trying to say is we need you to choose who you want to live with," explained Cyrus's mother.
"How can the two of you really put me through this?" said Cyrus.
"We don't have any other choice," said Cyrus's parents in unison.
“This is Bull S***!" exclaimed Cyrus. " I hate you guys right now! I'm not going to choose. I can't choose."
“Well let me tell you your options one more time," said the lawyer.
“I know my freaking options," said Cyrus.
“If you choose your mother, you can stay in the house you live in now and you will see your father twice a year and two weeks in the summer. If you choose your father, you will move to New York with him and you will see your mother twice a year and two weeks in the summer," explained the lawyer.
“You’re moving to New York?!" said Cyrus as he looked at his father.
“Yes, I've always wanted to live in New York," said Cyrus's dad. “I’m tired of California."
“So what will it be?" asked the lawyer. “Mom or dad?"
“Screw you!" exclaimed Cyrus. Cyrus ran out of the living room and went upstairs into his bedroom and slammed the door shut. Cyrus started having thoughts of running away. He opened his drawer to see how much money he had, and found seven hundred dollars. That was enough to last
him a while. Cyrus woke up the next morning, ignored both his parents, and went to school.
“Cyrus!" called Mara.
“Mara," said Cyrus as he smiled for the first time in 2 days.
"Jagger told me what happened," started Mara. “I’m really sorry."
“Thanks Mara," said Cyrus.
“Sure," said Mara. “If you ever need to talk I'm here for you."
“Thanks a lot."
“Hey guys " said Jagger as he put his arm around Mara.
“Hey Babe," said Mara as she kissed Jagger.
“Hi," said Cyrus feeling himself getting extremely jealous.
“How are the parents?" asked Jagger.
“Great," said Cyrus sarcastically.
“Have you chosen yet?" asked Jagger.
“No, I'm not going to choose," answered Cyrus.
" Then what are you going to do?" asked Mara.
“If I tell the two of you something you," explained Cyrus. “You have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay?"
“Okay," said Jagger and Mara at the same time.
“I think I'm going to run away," said Cyrus scared of their reaction.
“Are you serious?" said Jagger.
“Yeah, I can't take it anymore," said Cyrus.
"I'm so sorry Cyrus," said Mara as she put her hand on Cyrus's shoulder.
“Where are you going to go?" asked Jagger eagerly.
“I’m not sure yet," explained Cyrus. “But I have seven hundred dollars, and that should be enough to go far."
“Dude, you can't run away," said Jagger.
" I don't know what else to do," said Cyrus. “If I choose my dad, I'll never see my mom, and if I choose my mom I'll never see my dad."
“That’s screwed up man," said Jagger.
“Tell me about it," said Cyrus. “Alright I have to go to class. I'll see you guys later."
“Bye," said Mara and Jagger.
“I feel so bad for him," said Mara to Jagger.
“Me too," said Jagger. That day in school all Cyrus thought about was running away. He contemplated the pros and cons and wrote them down on a piece of paper.
Pros: 1) I wouldn't have to deal with mom and dad anymore.
2) I wouldn't have to choose between mom and dad and i wouldn't be stressed out about it anymore.
Cons: 1) I wouldn't wee my friends anymore.
2) I would have to go to a new school.
3) I might get caught and sent right back where I am now.
4) I would have to support myself and feed myself.
There seemed to be more cons then pros, but Cyrus didn't care. This was his only other option. Cyrus went home that day and treated the day like it was one of the last times he was going to be in his house with his sister and his parents.
“Cyrus," called his mother. “It’s time for dinner. “ Cyrus went downstairs and sat next to his sister at the dinner table.
"Ava," said Cyrus.
" Yeah," answered Ava.
"I know I've called you a brat in the past, but I love you."
“Why are you being so weird?"
"I'm home!" said Cyrus's father as he walked through the front door.
“You’re late as usual," said Cyrus's mother.
“Hi kids," said Cyrus's father ignoring his ex wife's comment.
“Hey dad," said Cyrus. After dinner was over, Cyrus went up to his room and thought about running away some more. He decided that he would talk it over with Jagger and Mara once more and then go from there. If he did run away, he would catch a train from La Jolla to San Diego, then San Diego to Los Angeles, and last Los Angeles to Laguna Beach. One of Cyrus's oldest friends lived in Laguna Beach. His name was Jesse. Cyrus considered Jesse a brother, and Jesse's family his own family.

“Jagger wait up," said Cyrus as he saw Jagger walking into school.
“Hey what's up?" asked Jagger.
“I thought about running away some more."
“And I think I'm going to do it."
“Hey guys," said Mara as she walked towards Jagger and Cyrus.
“Cyrus is running away," said Jagger.
“I was hoping you would change your mind about that," said Mara.
"Me too," added Jagger. “You’re my best friend. What am I going to do without you?"
"Where are you going to go anyway?" asked Mara.
“To my friend Jesse's house in Laguna Beach," said Cyrus.
“How are you going to get there," asked Jagger.
“Train," answered Cyrus.
“When are you leaving, " asked Jagger.
“Tomorrow night," answered Cyrus as the bell rang. “I have to get to class. I'll talk to you guys later." That night was Cyrus's last night at his house with his family. The next morning Cyrus said goodbye to his parents and his sister. That day Jagger, Cyrus, and Mara were going to skip school and spend the day together before Cyrus left for San Diego, and eventually Laguna Beach.
“Well this is my train," said Cyrus. “I’ll call you when I get there Jagger."
“Alright, I'm going to miss you man, “said Jagger as he gave Cyrus a hug.
“Me too," said Mara.
“I’m going to miss you guys too," said Cyrus. “Don’t worry. I'll keep in touch."
“Bye," said Cyrus as he stepped on to the train. Cyrus sat down in a window seat and watched Jagger and Maras faces fade away.

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