Display of Racism

April 13, 2008
By Joseph Iredia, Alvin, TX

It was on the streets of Houston when it all went down.
“Yo man look at this chain I got from the flee market, its fake but it still looks cool,” bragged the first black man.
“Hey you stupid black people, get off this property. I hope you do know that if I shoot you I will be innocent because you’re on the wrong side of the town.” Said the white man.
“Hey, yall don’t listen to them they don’t know what there talking about,” replied the second black man.
“Hey, yall watch out, those people are shooting at us. We got to run,” muttered the third black man.
“Yall black people better leave this neighborhood, I don’t play when I say this is whites only neighborhood.”
“Yo, if you’re going to kill me go ahead, but all I got to say is that, I was made to love myself, you and everyone else. You may hate me but-.”
Before he could finish his sayings, he was taken to a place that was better for him to live.
“Now look here, you other black people, if you want to end up like your little worthless friend, then don’t leave. You all have got to learn that black and white are different.”
“Hey man, don’t say that we are all created equally and if you don’t think so then you need to learn the facts of life.”
The white man pulled the trigger, and left the streets. He was nervous when he left, now his life is all over the place. He has yet to learn the fact of life, everyone is created equally. The third black man was shot along with the group. They are all now, where they have been promised never to die again, in heaven.

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