I Was on the Fence

April 12, 2008
By Nicole Newman, Culver, IN

What I thought was going to be a normal, enjoyable day of playing hide and go seek with a couple of buddies, turned out to be a nightmare come true. Well I first started out playing hide and go seek in Kyle’s grandmother’s yard. My sister, Kyle, Josh, Rejena, Cameron, and I were all playing. Everyone was at lease two years older than me except Cameron who was the same age. Teams were split dead even with boys against girls. Kyle’s grandmother’s yard was heaven to us, since there were numerous excellent hiding stops. The yard was enormous with wooded areas, gently rolling hills, and an overgrown, grassy field. I would usually hide in the field given that the grass was oddly high and I would just lie down and watch the dragonflies dance along the tops of the grass. Unfortunately, I have been known to hide there so I took my time and found a new piece of land to claim my own. I started out walking in the back yard and indeed I found a brilliant venue. A fence in a center of a ditch was an ideal solution to my troubles. The fence was beaten out by old age and sunk towards the ground. Disgusting reddish brown coated it from millions of layers of rust. If you even slightly tap it with your fingers, the discolored rust would follow you on the tips of your fingers. On the other hand, I was tiny enough to burrow my way into the ditch and not be seen by others.
After five minutes, that seemed to last a lifetime, Josh found me and discovered an incredible idea. We were still going to play hide and go seek but only in a more extreme area. A location beyond the fence with beautiful wooden scenery and an endless amount of unexplored hiding stops. Immediately accepted by the others, we began to put the scheme into action. There were no worries about how to travel to our destination for the reason that the fence has sank very near to the ground, thus without a doubt we could jump over. My fellow playmates took turns leaping one by one over to our very own promise land. I ended up being the last person to jump trying to gather up all my bravery inside of me. Nevertheless, the encouragement coming from my friends really sent me off the roof and gave me enough strength inside of me to do what was going to have to be done.
I took a few steps back, slowly moving away from the fence, so that I could get a little bit of a head start. Sprinting towards the fence, with countless doubts of what could go wrong inside my head, I jumped towards the sky. Regrettably, my foot got caught in one of the links of the fence which caused me to come crashing down towards the ground, landing right on my left arm. My arm had an unbelievably horrid pain trying to escape the barriers of my skin. The pain was unbearable therefore I tried to imagine that nothing had ever happened and I was lying in bed snuggling up to my blanket. Except, the screams of my pals to get up and try again washout the hallucinations of the warmth of my blanket. I wanted to be accepted by the older crowd and not be called vicious names. For that reason, I got back up and did the unimaginable. Undoubtedly the fate of my action was going to be far worse than before. My body reached for the sky, but my foot reached for the same link in the fence that caused the great fall once before. My mind went blank, as an unused piece of paper, as I came crashing to the ground landing dead on my left arm. Tears came sprinting down my face like a waterfall and my thoughts had turned their back on me. It felt like my whole body had shattered in a million pieces and being stepped on by others only making them smaller. I could see the unclear faces of my friends asking me if I was alright, but they faded away and a black hole of darkness filled my eye sight.
I woke up the next morning in a panic. Pain felt like daggers stabbing into my left arm but when I checked to make sure there were none insight, only a swollen arm propped up upon a pillow. Later on, I watched blurred images of trees and a variety of unique houses fly by me as I was taken to the hospital. The doctor explained I had broken my arm and my heart sank inside of my chest. My heart was all the way at the tips of my toes before I realized the awful thing I had done the day before. I knew it was the wrong thing to jump over the fence the second time, and if I would have listened to my gut feeling I would have not had a broken arm. Plus the acceptance of the old kids was not worth the throbbing pain of my arm that I had to intake. As of today, I have only done the things I have wanted to endure and they still accept me for who I am.

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