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Hi, my name is Oliver and I'm nineteen years old. My friends all wonder how I got the way I am and I wish I could tell them without having to use a computer. My parents don't like to talk about it because they feel horrible about it, but when I was young I was normal and actually quite athletic but then one day I suddenly woke up in a hospital bed without having the slightest clue of how I got there. Apparently, I was playing behind my dad's car and my mom wasn't paying any attention when she pulled up behind his car and pinned my head up against the bumper of the car. This damaged my brain so badly, I would never be able to do the same things a normal kid could do and that means perform even the most simple tasks. I lost control over my legs and it damaged my brain bad enough that I can't talk or use my arms very well. I could think and talk through a thought-controlled wheelchair, it's really neat but something I wish I wouldn't have to deal with. It was very rough growing up, being different from the other kids, I felt totally isolated from everyone. Even my parents seemed to be distant. My parents do keep me encouraged by telling me how I've progressed each day but the doctor tells me I only have so long to live. Although, he gave me six months to survive 15 years ago. It must have been very rough because after my accident they had no more children. I used to get so down on myself that I would wish I hadn't survived this at all. At this point in life, I'm still very thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to live it, even if I'm not really living the life I wanted. Maybe this was supposed to happen, so I can somehow overcome it and do something great.

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