If You Created a Candy Bar.

March 12, 2012
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If I worked for Hershey's Candy bars then I would create the idea that we make a candy bar that could unwrap itself. This candy bar would change the world of Candy bar's as we know it, or possibly candy altogether. Today's society is so lazy, this would become every chocolate lover's favorite. However, I wouldn't tell the company about this brilliant idea. I would open up my own company where I would sell this ultimate candy bar calling it Zig-Zag candy bar. Then I would create a line of Zig Zag bar's that would play board games with you and soon all of my candy bars will have a brain and will talk and walk like a human. This is only the beginning because I will also generate the world's largest candy bar at a whopping 55x25 ft. After I am a billionaire and nominated for the Nobel Prize, I'm going to buy my own island and build a mansion on it where all of my friends and I would stay. I would also buy the Dunkin' Donuts franchise and see to it there is a Dunkin' Donuts on my island. I will also have each separate candy bar by the millions and have a supply chopper bring me anything I need to survive on or simply anything I want. I will also buy a ford f650 that's lifted but has a diamond-plated interior. Everyone that thinks my money is going to waste is obviously crazy. I would start my own professional football team called the Zig Zag knights and have a stadium built on my island where they could build their own houses if they'd like. Although, I would remain the king of my island. I would recruit players even if their contract isn't up. Offering their owners too much money to say no. After I win the Superbowl 12 times I would sell my team to a poor homeless man and then kick everyone off of my island.

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