Love Kills

March 5, 2012
By red-punk GOLD, Trigg County, Kentucky
red-punk GOLD, Trigg County, Kentucky
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So many people say that it is easy moving to a new town and starting over, well let me tell you something, it’s not at all easy and it ain’t fun. The name’s Samantha Montgomery. 4 years ago I made this incredibly stupid mistake that made me happy for the rest of my life. I’m still happy to this day, not lying. Let’s just say I met someone I hope I can spend the rest of my life with. Now sit down, shut-up, and listen to this enchanting story that you’re going to enjoy.

It was Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, and I was in the middle of well, let’s just say, I was relieving some stress. When I got closer to the vein on my arm, my stupid cat jumped onto the table and scared the soul out of me. Well after that I realized I had cut one of my main arteries and started to bleed out. My stupid parents both thought it was a suicide attempt and that I wanted to die, but really I was just relieving all the stress they put on me. So, since they thought we were gonna be totally dreaded around the city we packed up and moved away, somewhere nobody would know us. We moved all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. Along the way I decided I was gonna be a loaner, you know the type of person that has no friends. The type of person that walks alone, sits alone, does everything alone. So that’s just what I ended up doing.

It was a cold winter day and I was up in my room reading All The Lovely Bad Ones, by Mary Downing Hahn. I love reading her work, it’s extra creepy, and I never believed in ghosts so I was never scared to read it. Anyway I was on the part where the two siblings went out to the tree grove, they were trying to scare the guests at their grandma’s bed ‘n‘ breakfast, but as I ended the sentence my mother called from the front yard.

“Oh Samm!! You need to come down here and look at the snowman we made, and there’s someone I really want you to meet! Oh, and be sure to wear your gloves, scarf, and hat, it’s quite chilly.” I honestly didn’t want to go out, this book was getting very interesting (Yeah, not really). So I got up and went to get my jacket. I grabbed my scarf and gloves from the closet and looked for my favorite knit hat. I ran outside to see if my mom knew where it was.

“Hey, mom do you know where my hat is..........” I trailed off and looked over at a large snowman that looked amazing, it was so perfect. The person standing in front of the perfect snowman was a red headed boy, around my age. He had long hair that covered his sparkling blue-green eyes. He looked amazing and to top it all off, he had bright freckles plastered all over face. Normally I wouldn’t be attracted to “Soulless gingers” but in this case I could make an acceptation. Just so everyone knows I think I fell in love with this stranger. Just by the short term of eye contact we made.

“No, sorry Hun, oh wait I think Kameron has it.” Of course. Kameron had to be the cute red head. He started walking toward me with a small grin on his face, it all happened so slow, it was like being in slow-mo. After he got close to me he started talking. Well his lips were moving but nothing was coming out. I snapped out of it quick and replied.

“Wait, I’m sorry, could you repeat that. I was getting lost in those gorgeous eyes of yours.” He looked at me and then turned his eyes and I’m pretty sure he was blushing, and I tell you I know I was blushing.

My ears and face got hot. I got wide-eyed and said, “I’m sorry! I mean you have really beautiful eyes, it’s kind of hard not to notice them.” I started blushing once again, and I could tell he was too.

“Sorry”, he replied, “I’m not use to talking to such pretty girls, it’s been awhile, I’m home-schooled so I haven’t really had a social life.” Okay, now I wish we could stop flirting.

“Anyway, um I think this hat belongs to you?”

“Uh yeah. Thanks a lot, I love this hat very much, my grandmother made me it before she died a few years back. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

“Well it is very pretty. I really like it, the color matches those dark blue eyes of yours.”

What? I couldn’t help it. I had to laugh and blush it’s not my fault. I can’t control it! It’s my gene’s fault! I had to snap out of it. This is breaking the rules, I can’t be in a relationship, I’m a loaner, not a love bird! This is bad, I love him and I don’t even know him.

“Sorry I don’t think I have properly introduced myself. My name is Kameron DonaldHue. I live next door with my family, and as you already know, I am home-schooled. I don’t have a social life so I don’t have any friends unless you want to be friends with me?” Well I did want to be friends with him, but I promised myself I was going to be a loaner, and so far I have epicly failed at that. Then he just had to say this next sentence.

“So I was wondering, if you do want to be friends, if you want to hang out with me tomorrow?” WHY!!!??? I liked him so much, but I couldn’t fail at my new life so I said, “Yeah sure, but don’t you want to hang out now?”

“Yeah sorry, but it’s getting late, I have to go in because it’s almost curfew. I’ll see you tomorrow, if your answer is yes that is. Bye!” He quickly turned around and ran toward his house.

“So, Samm, do you like Kameron?” My little sister started taunting me.

“No I don’t now shut-up you little twit, before I make you!” Of course she shut-up quick. I went into the house still thinking about those eyes. They just draw you in, don’t they? I really do like Kameron, don’t let my sister know that though.

The next day I woke up to my mom calling me to breakfast. When I got down stairs Kameron was sitting at the table.

“Oh, hey Samm. Are you ready to go?” I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there, staring.

“Uh, yeah, where are we going?” I asked. Being cautious of what he might say.

“Well I thought I could show you around the town. You know just introduce you to the town, since you’re new here and everything.”

“Oh well okay. Let’s go.”

Kameron and I walked across the street to the public library. I went over to the newspaper articles from awhile back, 1978 to be exact and it read out:

Local Family dies in House Fire

In 1978, the DonaldHue family dies in tragic house fire. Fireman on duty say that the fire started in the kitchen. After the family left a casserole in the oven. The house burned to the ground. None of them survived. The following were in the fire: Father: Chester DonaldHue; Mother: Chrissanne DonaldHue; Eldest Son: Kameron DonaldHue; Second Son: Anthony DonaldHue; Youngest Son: Liam DonaldHue; and Daughter: Zoey DonaldHue. This event was indeed a tragedy to the town and everybody will miss these souls we have lost.

I looked at the picture of the DonaldHue family and there was Kameron in the middle of all the kids and his parents. I was scared to think that this Kameron was the Kameron standing over in the young adults section. It was. The picture looked just like him and everything it wasn’t right. The house behind them, it was my house, the house we just moved into.

“Hey, do you suggest anything by James Patterson?” Kameron asked. He came out of nowhere and his question made me jump.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m good, I just read a really scary article.”

“Oh really, what was it?”

“Oh nothing that you need to worry about. Uh hey Kameron, do you think we could continue this tomorrow, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Quickly I ran out of the library and across the street to my house. Kameron followed me and when I got to the front door, he yelled, “Wait!”, but I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t I just found out the love of my life is dead. I ran up to my room jumped on my bed and started to cry into my pillow. I stayed in my room for the rest of the week. I didn’t go to school, I didn’t eat. I went to the bathroom yeah, but I used my bathroom. I was depressed and didn’t want to move or be alive. Hours later, I was awoken by pebbles. Pebbles on my window. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go and see what it was. Once I got to the window, I saw Kameron down below ready to throw another pebble. I slowly opened the window so that my parents wouldn’t hear.

“Go away Kameron, I don’t ever want to see you again! You lied to me. Why didn’t you tell me you were dead! I loved you.” I slowly started to cry. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I slowly yelled, even though my whole family was in the same house as me. I was mad, I was depressed. Yet I loved him to death. Literally.

“Look Samm, please hear me out, I was going to tell you, but I thought you would never talk to me again.” He seemed like I was convinced, but I wasn’t. Not one bit.

“Go away! I hate you, I hate you Kameron.”

“But Samm, I love you. We were meant to be together!” That was the last straw.

“If we were meant to be together, why did God kill you!?” I couldn’t believe I said that. I didn’t want to but he made me. He turned around and I wanted to make it right.

“Kameron, wait I’m sorry, I love you too don’t go.... AHHHHHHHH!!” Oh yeah and in case you’re wandering, when I was talking to Kameron I was slowly leaning out my window, which yes was screen-less. I fell to my death. I’m serious, I died that day, well night whatever you want to call it. I knew I was dead because I was literally floating above my lifeless body.
“Mom, Dad, can’t you see me I’m right here.” I yelled as my parents came running down the stairs toward my corpse.
“MOM DAD!” I yelled but nothing. Kameron came up behind me and put his hand in mine. I began to cry as me and Kameron walked away from the house into the light. When Kameron told me about the whole “we were meant to be together” thing, I actually started to believe what he was saying to me after the time I blamed him for everything. Well turns out, I was suppose to die that night that caused to move here. I was suppose to die and me and Kameron were suppose to be together forever and we still are to this day.

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