I Was Lying in my Bed Tossing and Turning

April 10, 2008
By Stephanie Grow, Sandy, UT

I was lying in my bed tossing and turning. Someone was coming, coming to get me. For something I did long, long ago. I woke up with a start. Sweating and breathing hard. I got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door and got out the energy drink. I went back to the bathroom, got in the shower. Got out and ready then headed then headed out the door. My phone started to sing My Dirty Little Secret.
“Hello?” I answered in a suspicious voice.
“Hey Alana, this is Heather.”
“Oh hey, the project is done.”
“Oh good the boss has been irritated about that for the longest time.”
“I’ll be there in a few, bye.” I closed my phone and put it in my pocket. I hate it when he does that, I thought to myself, he knows I can do this. Why won’t he trust me? I got to the building, took out my ID badge and let the machine scan it.
“Welcome Ms. Gomez.” Said the machine with a dull voice.
I went through the door and headed upstairs.
“The boss wants to see you right away,” said Heather.
“Thanks, I’m heading over” I opened the door, creeped in and sat on the chair. “Sir you wanted to see me?”
He was sitting in his chair and suddenly jumped. “I hate it when you do that to me. And yes I wanted to see you. About the project, I know it’s done. But how well did you do it? “
“Why don’t you trust me?” I asked starting to get a little frustrated.
“I do” he started, “I just don’t trust your judgement and emotions. You tend to get angry easier than you did before the accident. Do you want some time off?”
“John, you know I do the best here and there’s no one who can do it like me. But why do you always treat me this way?”
“I’m just making sure that you’re okay and not going to snap on me.”
“Have you been watching the Bourne Identity again?”
“Yes, because that’s where I get my ideas from. Movies, music all the media.” He said defending himself.
I started to get angry with him. Why won’t he let me stop all this worrying and let me do my job, my way? “John you area so frustrating you know that. It’s just a movie and he got amnesia. That’s why he betrayed them. He got a different point of view of things. I’ve already done that and I’m way too loyal for that. I know the consequences that follows my actions.” I was so angry that I got up and left the room. I was fuming by the time I got to my desk. I sat down in my leather chair.
Knock, Knock
“Ms. Gomez?”
I looked up from my desk and saw my secretary standing in the doorway. “Yes?”
“You have a call on line 1.”
“Okay thanks Elane.” I picked up the phone and pressed L1. “Hello?”
“Hey, I got it and destroyed it.” Said the voice on the other end of the telephone.
“Good, what about the evidence?” I asked with a stern voice.
“Yeah burn that so their ashes now. Nobody an trace anything.”
“Good, I’ll send you the doe, by the end of the day you should be able to have it. Thank you for doing business with us.”
“No thank you Ms. Gomez.” And he hung up the phone so abruptly.
I was stunned a little by what he said. And put the phone back on the receiver. I got up off the chair and put on my leather trench coat. I walked out of my office. “Elane, I’m going out. If the boss wants to know where I went and what I’m doing. Tell him to call me on my cell thanks.” I opened the door to the stairwell and walked down them. My phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket and read the text,
Meet me by the building at 10:00.

I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket. A couple of later I got to the building with a couple minutes to spare.
“You arrived sooner than expected agent Gomez.” A guy came out of from the shadows. He wore a leather jacket with a black shirt. Dark blue jeans and some Harley Davisons boots.
“Well I don’t expect to keep people waiting, especially if it’s something important like this. Shall we?” I asked in a temperate voice eager to get this over with.
“Yes we shall.” He started to walk towards the building. He opened the door for me.
I put my hand in my pocket. I had a knife in there and a gun on my ankle. Just in case I needed it for an emergency. The room was dark; I started to feel uneasy about this. Then my dream from this morning popped in my head. I started to worry a little bit more. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this. John was right, I let my emotions get in the way of my job. But now was the time for survival.
“This way agent.” Said the stranger.
I followed him in silence. Trying to think of a way to find a way out of here. My mind started to race. It wouldn’t stop thinking of what could happen.
“Would you like to sit down agent?” he asked.
“No thank you I prefer to stand.” Trying to sound casual.
“Your loss then, wait here a couple of minutes. I’ve got to get something.” He left swiftly and quietly.
I started to look around while trying to think of a plan. There wasn’t much light in here. All there was is a light straight above me, and a chair sitting next to me. He came back quickly and quietly.
“I have a few questions for you first.” He said in a careful voice.
“Okay?” I said in a questionable voice.
“First, why are you in this career area? In the end its only going to get you killed by someone better than you.” He started to walk around me like I was in court on the bench.
“I’m in this career area because I needed a job and they found me. And I’m the best there is, most people underestimate me!” I was steaming this point on.
“Oh be careful now, you know not to let your emotions to get in the way. Okay second why do you let people make you angry?”
“Let’s say I made a decision and my life changed forever.” I was breathing heavily.
“Ah and what is that decision that you have made? Did it involve a guy named Drew? I know something happened between you two, threes ago. Do you remember?”
My memories started coming back to me. I was sweating; I wanted to scream my head off. “Yes something happened to Drew and I, it’s I the past and I can’t change that.”
“I wonder what happened o him?” he asked in a sarcastic tone.
“I don’t, I lost contact with him after that.” I said in a confused tone. “Why do you want to know about him? How do you know about us?”
“I know about this because it’s me, I’m Drew.” He all of a sudden became sweet and charming as when I first met him.
“That’s impossible,” I said in a surprised voice. “You can’t be him, he died two that night.”
“Yeah I know I died and I’ve come back to get you because of the misery I’ve put you through.”
“What?” when I blinked it became hot and sweaty.
“Your gonna be in hell with me for all eternity. You choose that path and so did I. We will be together with misery by our side.”
I started to scream but no sound came out. I knew I chose this path. And that I was going to hell someday. I might as well as make the best of it. But all I have to say is that when you do bad things. I’ll be there coming to get you. Because I’m the devil and I always was.

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