Lucy and Her Pig

April 10, 2008
By Katie Odell, Hendersonville, TN

It was Lucy Boston’s birthday and she was turning 13. Everybody was gathered around her while she was opening her gifts.
“That’s all of them,” she said happily.
“Wait you have one more to open,” Lucy’s mother told her as she walked into the living room to get the next gift.
“Why is it in a cage?” Lucy said with a surprised look on her face.
“You’ll see!” said Mrs. Boston
“It’s a pig!? Oh, Um thanks. I really like it.” Lucy lied.
The next day Lucy’s dad woke her up at six in the morning.
“Come on Lucy we have to feed Onkie!”
“What, Who?”
“Onkie you know the pig we got you for your birthday! Come on get dressed and you might want to put on your overalls and some rain boots your going to get muddy.”
Lucy and her dad went out to the barn and fed Onkie. While they were out there Mr. Boston told Lucy about how she had to wake up at Six o’clock every morning and feed and wash Onkie and how every four days she had to clean out the barn where Onkie was.
“Do I get paid?”
“No! It’s your pet you have to take care of it.”
So every morning before school Lucy got up, feed and washed Onkie then took a shower and got ready for school. She hated doing this job and didn’t even want Onkie anymore.
“Mom can we sell Onkie I don’t want a pet any more she is to hard to take care of and she is so muddy!” Lucy told her mother.
“No she is your pet and you will take care of her!” Mrs. Boston replied with a disgusted look on her face. “I can’t believe you want to sell Onkie!”
As weeks went by and school came to an end and Lucy began to visit Onkie more and more. She started to realize that taking care of Onkie wasn’t so bad and soon she became Lucy’s best friend. She would go to the barn every day and talk to her even though Lucy knew Onkie probably couldn’t understand her. Sometimes Lucy would even make up stories and tell them to her.
“Onkie, Onkie where are you?” Lucy said as she searched the barn. “Onkie, there you are you look sick! Let me go get my dad!”
Lucy ran as fast as she could back to the house to get her Dad.
“Dad, Dad Onkie is sick we have to take her to a vet!!”
“Okay I’m coming hold on!”
Lucy and her dad took Onkie to the vet. As Lucy sat in the waiting room she started to get scared.
“Dad is Onkie going to die?”
“The vet said it will be a miracle if she lived.”
“But she cant die Onkie is my best friend!”
“Come on lets bring her home.”
For the next couple of weeks Onkie started to get sicker and sicker.
“Where are you going? Its ten o’clock go to bed.” Mrs. Boston asked Lucy.
“I going out side to sleep with Onkie she can’t die she is my best friend.” Lucy replied as she took a pile of blankets and a pillow from the closet.
“Well bring a flash light and if you get too cold come in side!”
Lucy slept with Onkie for the next three days and Onkie started to get better. She cared for Onkie so much because she knew that if she did Onkie would stay alive. The days went by and Onkie started to get better and better. After a whole week Onkie was good as new and she lived.
“Wow I guess it was a miracle!”

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