That Girl

April 10, 2008
By Kendra Cave, Columbia, SC

“I hate her.” I said slamming my locker shut.
I was talking about Beautifull Wilson. Beautifull was a transfer from Summerville High School. Her parents got a new job, and they had to move. She used to live across the street from me and went to school with me in elementary. We used to be best friends but, I don’t know what happened. Beautifull was a skinny, short girl. Her complexion was a smooth milk chocolate color. And she has long burgundy hair and it would always be in a gorgeous hairstyles.
“Come on you don’t even know her.” Charnel said. Charnel is my best friend. We are like sisters. We do anything and everything together. Charnel has long black hairs that’s in the style hump and curl. She was a medium sized girl that played any sport you could imagine. Chanel loved designing clothes and she loved children.
“I do know her. We used to be friends in elementary school. Then when we went to middle school she became the most popular person ever. Now she’s just a stuck-up rich girl that I don’t like. Ever since she came to this school she thought she was all that. If she doesn’t leave me alone then I will hurt her. Slap all that weave out her hair.” I said with a mad look on my face.
“Don’t fight her. She is not worth getting expelled over.” Chanel said.
“I know but she is bothering me so bad. Earlier in school, I was walking and she knocked my books out of my hand. Then I pushed her back and got sent to the principal’s office,” I explained.
“Oh. Well I guess she does bother you for no reason. Maybe you did something that you didn’t notice.”
“Okay I got to get home. You need a ride?”
As we were walking out of the school building, Beautifull and her little group of girls were standing right there.
“Excuse me. Can you please move?” I said with a attitude.

Then she started to walk back into the building. When she passed me, she slid over so it would look like I pushed her.
“Watch where you are going, freak,” Beautifull said rolling her eyes.
That was her thing; she would always roll her eyes and put her hand in people’s faces.
“The name is Alazae. Don’t forget it.” I said with an attitude. She always act like she’s all that, but she also forgot who helped her out a lot when we were younger.
“Whatever. I can call you whatever I want, you’re not the boss of me.” She said.
This feeling came over me when she said that. It felt like I was going to go crazy. Then she kept rolling her eyes and putting her hand in my face.
“Get your hand out of my face.” I said with a mad look. My face looked like it was going to explode. I was turning a light red. I had my hands on my hips. My hand was about to lash out at her and slap, but I decided to save that for later.
“Or you’ll do what?”
All these questions started going through my mind like: What will happen if I fight her? Will I get in trouble? Will she sue me? I was starting to get confused. The next thing I knew Beautifull was on the ground.
“Oh my god what did I just do?” I asked myself aloud.
“Help! Call the ambulance!!” Someone screamed.
“You just knocked Beautifull out.” Charnel said, with her mouth hanging wide open.
“Miss Johnson.”
Uh-oh I knew it was Mr. Gary, the principal.
“Meet me in my office.” He said in a strong voice.
When I walked into Mr. Gary’s office, he was sitting in his chair waiting on me. All over the walls were a bunch of awards and medal on them. I hesitated to sit down, because I was scared of what was going to happen next. Then he pulled out my school record.
“Miss Johnson, what made you do such a thing.” Mr. Gary said with a firm voice putting his hand on his head.
“Beautifull was getting on my nerves and started to bother me. She is constantly picking on me and I just don’t like her.” I said in a worried voice. I started to get teary-eyed as Mr. Gary was asking me questions.
“Well I am going to have to suspend you for three days. Hopefully this won’t happen again.”
“Yes sir.”
I guess Charnel walked or got another ride to her house. I wondered if I should stop by her house, then I knew it was getting late. When I was walking out the school to go home, I was stopped by a group of girls.
“That was a pretty good punch you threw there.” Tamara said.
Tamara was the leader of the group. She had a short ponytail on the top of her head. She was kind of chubby and mean. A lot of people were scared of her, but I wasn’t.
“Yeah. I guess it was. What happened to her after I left?” I asked
“She went to the hospital.”
I felt guilty about punching her, but then again I knew she wouldn’t bother me again.
“Do you want to join my group? It will get you in a bunch of V.I.P. parties. And you’ll be hanging with me my girls. No one would bother you when you’re with us. We got each others backs.” She said.
“I don’t know.”
When she asked me that, I felt honored. I would be hanging around with the most popular and meanest group in school.
“Well call me when you change your mind.”
Tamara gave me a piece of paper with her number and address on it. She really wanted me to join. I started to wonder why she wanted me so bad.
When I got home it was 10:00 p.m. Way past my curfew. As soon as I got in house I ran to my room and closed the door. My mother didn’t know that got suspended, so I got clothes ready for tomorrow and did my homework so I could keep my grade up.
When morning came, I washed up and got dressed. I went downstairs and ate breakfast and ran out the door. I got to school right when Charnel’s bus came.
“Hey Charnel sorry I wasn’t able to take you home yesterday. I said.
“No problem. I got a ride from Marissa.” She said in a cool voice.
“So what happened when you went to Mr. Gary’s office?”
“I got suspended for 3 days. I’m not supposed to be here. My mother doesn’t even know I’m suspended yet.”
“You better tell her soon.”
“I will.” I said in a panicked voice.
“Well I go to get to class I will see you later.” She said I a rush.
As I was walking away there was Tamara.
“So did you make up your mind?” she asked.
“Yes I did. This may not be the answer you wanted but it’s the one your going to get. NO.”
“Whatever your not all that anyways.” She said.
I started to walk back home, because I knew my mother was at work. When I came in the house I went to the kitchen and ate a bowl of cereal. I sat at the table so I could watch TV. While I was getting comfortable I heard the door knob turn and there was my mom.
“Alazae what are you doing here. You should be in school.” My mother asked.
“I got in a fight and got suspended from school.”
“Why didn’t I know about this?”
“Because I thought I was going to get in trouble.”
“Well what do you think you are now? You are grounded for a month.”
“But mom”
“Don’t but mom me. I mean it. End conversation.”

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