Dead Mouth Island

April 10, 2008
By Nicole Daugs, Naples, FL

“Mayday! Mayday! All engines are failing, I repeat all engines are failing! F-15E coming in for a crash landing! I repeat, F-15E coming in for a crash landing,” my copilot screamed over the radio; he was desperate. “Jackie! Get ready to eject,” I could hear the panic in his voice.

“God, John! Calm down, we’re going to get through this. I’m not some fragile girl, why do you think I’m here!” He was getting me very irritated, even though we could be seconds from our death bed. I looked out the window as far as my helmet would allow, I saw an island, but it was nothing but trees; no sign of human life. The wings of our jet were catching on fire now, our chance of living was sliming. “John, try and steer the jet fifty degrees to the right, I see an island. It looks like there’s a cliff that is pretty clear we can try to land on.” I reached up to the eject button, my life flashed behind my eyes.

The jet shifted roughly, “Jackie I hope you’re right about this. Ok…get ready, three…two…NOW!” We both smacked the eject button, our seats flew out of the jet, and our parachutes snapped open seconds later. “Thank you,” John was looking up at the sky, grateful to be alive.

My eyes could not tear off of the jet, it crashed on the cliff right were I looked a minute before. Seconds later, it exploded into flames. Our only way of escape, is gone now. I looked over at John, his face was blank. “John, snap out of it, the grounds just 20 feet below.” Thirty seconds later, our feet hit the ground. I stood up and took off my helmet, I could feel the hot blood running down my face, I felt my chestnut brown hair, and it was caked with blood. My body hurt all over, but I had to ignore the pain. I heard John just then, he was lying on the ground in a heap, screaming in pain.

John was holding his leg, screaming in pain, “ARRRRR! JACKIE! AHHH! HELP ME!” His face was covered in blood too, and his short blond was completely stained red. It looked like he cut his leg on something sharp in the jet.

I threw off my backpack and grabbed alcohol and gauze. I took off his boot, another scream, and rolled up his pant leg to his knee. A long, deep cut ran down to his ankle from his knee, blood was everywhere now; I cringed in horror at the gruesome sight. “John this is going to sting, hold your breath.” I poured the alcohol on the cut, immediately the wound started to turn white, cleaning. John was kicking and screaming violently now; I threw myself over him, holding down his other leg and trying to keep his arms down, “John! Stop moving, you’re going to make it worse!” I grabbed a broken branch, “Put this in your mouth, and bite down on it.” His screams were only partially muffled by the branch, but it helped me concentrate. I went back to his leg, wrapping it up tightly in the gauze now.

John was sitting up half way now, resting his arms on the ground as he looked at me. He had stopped screaming now, but he was concentrating very hard now it looked like, “Thank you.” He sat up all the way now, groaning.
I stood up and put my backpack back on and held out a hand to him. He grabbed it and slowly stood up, “Can you walk ok?”
“Yeah, it hurts though,” he turned his head and spit out blood, “what now?” Suddenly, five loud snarls came from behind us.
We both cringed at the noise, I slowly turned around, fearing what would make such a noise. There, standing just 100 feet away from us, stood five giant wolves, their fur was black as midnight. My blue eyes grew wide in pure horror and my stomach churned, this could not be possible. “J-j-john, please tell me your there.”
“Yah…” his voice trailed off in horror. “What are they?” We were both backing up slowly now, step by step, trying to get away.
Their large paws came up and down, moving toward us; it seemed they shook the ground with each step. I looked at their shoulders; their muscles were defined under their fur, moving in rhythm with their feet. I looked the leader in the eyes, they were and auburn color, and seemed to be all too intelligent for an animal, even though they were huge. I froze on the spot, John was screaming my name, but I could not respond. The leader looked back at his pack, and barked out an order, they stayed, and he returned his killer glare to me. He closed the distance between us, I knew I was dead, I could not hear John anymore, even though I knew he must still be there, frozen in shock. The tip of his nose was just inches from my face; he opened his mouth slightly, revealing very sharp and large canines. He let out a low and menacing growl right in my face, its hot breath blew on my face, and a chill ran down my spine. John let out a yelp from behind me; I snapped my head around the same time the wolf looked up. John was laying on the ground, with a figure that looked human, despite the snow white skin, leaning over him. The snowy figure stood, his mouth was covered in blood, my mind thought nothing but one word, vampire. I looked down at John, he was not dead, but now unconscious from the massive loss of blood.
The figure looked up at me now and grinned nastily at me, “It’sss a pleasssure to meet you.” He crouched down on the ground, he looked like a leopard. He sprang up in a flash, flying toward me, arms reaching out to grab me. Four wolves shot straight in front of me, crashing against the vampire with a thunderous noise. They pushed him back, snapping and growling repeatedly.
The four wolves and the vampire were gone in no time flat, but the thunderous noise still reached my ears, crystal clear. I turned around to look straight the wolf leader straight in the eyes, “You…you saved us.” This was more than my mind could take, the last thing I felt before the light went out, was the ground beneath me.
I woke up hours later it felt like, to find myself in a dark cave, lying on a bed. I looked around, and saw John lying next to me, he was in a deep sleep still. His head was wrapped up in gauze, his leg had been fixed again, and his neck had a puffy patch on it, covering where he had been bitten. His uniform was covered in blood too, worse than mine was. I tried to sit up; groaning since I was still sore, but a warm had stopped me.
“Ah, ah, ahh, slowly now.” This was a new voice; it was soft, but full of leadership. “There now, feeling better?”
I looked up; there stood a tall, strong man, his green eyes peering down at me. He had pitch black hair, and tan skin. “Who are you? Where am I?”

They call me Thunder and your still on Dead Mouth Island, but don’t worry your safe now.” He seen the still confused expression on my face, “You met me in the clearing just before that vampire showed up.”

“You’re the…but…how? Huh?” I knew that this island was not from the same world I know…or once knew. I felt my face, there was no dry blood, and I could feel my skin underneath my fingers. My hands moved to my hair, it was wrapped up in something. I fell back down on the bed.

“I know, it’s hard to explain, I was born this way, along with the other four you seen earlier. We were thrown on this island fifty years ago by a group of scientists, nobody ever seen us again. You and your friend there are the first humans we have seen since, that is why I was being…cautious before; sorry if I scared you.”

I looked at Thunder again; he looked to be only 25 years old, but his claim would make him about 75. “What about that vampire? What happened to him?” Base should know about this, but I didn’t know if I should tell anyone about this place, they save us.
“They boys are taking care of that, we have been trying to track him down for years now, thanks to him,” he motioned over at John, “we finally got him. The others of his kind all surrendered to us, since there was no human blood for them to feed on. They are happy now, we both live in peace on this island now.”

John woke up just then, and Thunder walked over to him to see how he was doing, and explain everything he just told me. I had much to think about, but one thing still remained unattended. “Hey Thunder, me and John really need to get back to base, but our jet blew up on the cliff. Do you have a way for us to get back?”

“Actually, yes, but its no jet or boat.” Thunder waved in two vampires, they looked just like our air force squad. Their uniforms were the same as John and mine, right down to the print on their uniforms.

John stiffened, only to loosen up when Thunder looked at him with reassuring eyes. “Kara and Shane, this is John and Jackie. They were the ones who you seen crash earlier.”

Both nodded at John and me, “I’m sorry to cut it short Thunder, but we have to get back to base as soon as possible. How soon can we leave?”

Thunder sighed, “Well, I was hopping you could stay longer, but I understand, just be sure to come back and visit, we will be watching for another jet.” He laughed lightly at his little joke, while he helped John to his feet.

Ten minutes later, we were all on the beach, Kara and Shane were apparently going to run on the water back to our base, uh oh. John waved and Kara picked him up and flung him gently on her back. I looked meaningfully back at Thunder, and saluted, Shane flung me on his back to. Seconds later, Kara and Shane were flying over the ocean, covering miles in only minutes. We were back at base in thirty minutes, and our Lieutenant was waiting for us, his tan face turned a funny shade of red, and his brown hair was disheveled.

“Where have you two been?! Report straight to my office immediately!” Lieutenant Hopkins always did have a short temper span.

John and I looked back toward the ocean; Kara and Shane were already out of sight. We snapped our attention back to Lieutenant Hopkins and quickly got into the right stance, “Yes sir!” Our right arms shot up to our foreheads to salute, but both our minds were still back on Dead Mouth Island.

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